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Full Version: To Ram, or not to Ram...
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Okay folks, here it is, and remember, none of us (in my playgroup) are physics majors, so be nice! smile.gif

House Ramming Rules

To hit something or someone stays as per RAW
Use Damage modifiers as per RAW pg. (169 SR4A)

-DV is equal to Speed Modifier (pg 169 SR4A) of whatever or whoever was hit instead of what is doing the hitting
i.e. GMC Bulldog step van (body 16 Armor cool.gif Hits Harley-Davidson Scorpion (Body 8 Armor 4) going 70kmph as a base example.....Harley needs to soak GMC’s body 16 x 2 = 32dv...GMC needs to soak Harley's body 8 x 2 =16 dice... step van will be hurt and Harley would be completely destroyed.
Now make that a vehicle with 16 armor and the Harley wouldn't have scratched it

-Use whatever speed calculations make sense. Example: Rear end collision, use the difference in speed.
i.e. GMC Bulldog 1 going 60kmph, rear ended by GMC Bulldog 2 going 90kmph = impact of 30kmph

-Ramming plate modification increases damage done by vehicle with the ram plate only, and still increases the DV by one bracket on pg 169 SR4A

-The DV must exceed the vehicle armor rating to cause any damage to the vehicle

-Passenger base damage value taken is equal to half the net damage actually taken by vehicle (round up after soaking). This will be soaked with half Impact Armor

-If passengers are wearing a restraint system of some sort all damage from collision is soaked as stun damage

-If Target vehicle is rammed in a vulnerable position (T-boned, from above, etc) then target vehicle armor is halved
I like it.
Completely unnecessary house ruling...

If both vehicles are intentionally ramming each other head on... the rules already handle this in a similar manner as you list. (they'd both do damage as you list... and they'd both need to soak half the damage the inflict on the other).

If only one is intentionally ramming another... the rules handle this as well... as well as limiting it since a vehicle needs to be able to soak at least half of what it inflicted.

You also nerf the ram plate modification by eliminating it's damage mitigation properties (it only increases damage... doesn't limit damage done by the other vehicle).

I'm not certain the passenger resist is needed either... you can already add their impact armor, the vehicles armor, the passenger protection armor, and even the rigger cocoon. If you're in something big, heavy, fast, and well armored you can pretty much drive right over most things.

Even things like t-bone isn't really necessary.. just make a called shot. As a GM you have the discretion to bypass either some or all the armor as you see fit. (see option 4 of called shots... and then called shots is repeated AGAIN under vehicular, stressing option 4 and GM discretion to do other similar things (like say shooting out a radiator), or spiderwebbing armored glass so the mage can't see out through it.

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