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Full Version: The 20 Questions
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...find a this list online?

I have the SR Comp but not with me and I'm trying to finish up a character while I'm at work.

Yeah, yeah. I know: "must be rough..."
Austere Emancipator
Are these the real ones? I could find several sets, but these seemed the most likely.

Google all the way.

[Edit]Obviously they weren't. Funny that. I could find 27 sets of "20 Questions" for Shadowrun character creation, but none of them were the real 20 Questions. biggrin.gif[/Edit]
Sorry, are you asking for the 20 questions? If so, they're below, if not, say so and I'll edit my thread to save room.

- Baatorian

Edit - Turned off smileys

1) Where's your character from?
2) Does your character have a family?
3) Does your character have an ethic background?
4) What does your character look like?
5) What does your character dress like?
6) Does your character have physical quirks?
7) Where did your character learn their Active Skills?
8) Where did your character learn their Knowledge Skills?
9) Where did your character get his goodies?
10) Where does your character live?
11) Who are your character's contacts?
12) Who are your character's enemies?
13) How did your character learn magic
14) What are your character's likes and dislikes?
15) What is your character's moral code?
16) Does your character have goals?
17) Does your character have personal beliefs?
18) Does your character have personality quirks?
19) Why does your character run the shadows?
20) How does your character view his/her role as a shadowrunner?
Thanks to both of you!!

And to think I was going to wait untill after lunch before checking...

I don't normally find a post that hasn't been "fixed" by someone else already, or hasn't had my own opinions posted over it several times by other people.

So glad I could help for a change.

- Baatorian
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