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Also shouldn't the "Tan Dem" anthroform drone have "walker" as a standard upgrade?
Well, to be honest, I love crunch and ususally the pcis in the new the new PDFs are quite good. However I would love to see new gadgets that *runner* can and will use. "Having a bad day" was clear since the first day of heavy vehicle weapons in the Arsenal book.

Laughing One
QUOTE (Shortstraw @ Jul 25 2012, 07:44 AM) *

Also shouldn't the "Tan Dem" anthroform drone have "walker" as a standard upgrade?

and a Mechanical arm.
Probably says "limbs and batteries not included" on the package biggrin.gif
Have not picked this up yet but my players are heading down to take part in the Atzlan/Amazona dust up. Is the book worth picking up for that setting?
Lots of fun! And finally another anthroform drone (even if as mentioned above it seems to be missing some vital bits!)

Probably never use any of it except as backdrop stuff...although the players in my merc game might just have a few nasty surprises waiting for them, 60m radius cruise missile perhaps??? ork.gif
@Aria: no... just wrong nyahnyah.gif
Okay, quick glance through.

No new product announces in the welcome page.
XM-E3: essentially a 25kĄ drone missile without a warhead that you can mount two weapons on; I leave evaluation of the design's sanity up to the reader. The picture is also a bit puzzling, since it has no indication where the weapons could be mounted.
TanDem: finally an anthropoform drone. With Accel 5/10, Body 3 and Armor 2, though, and without manipulators included in the standard upgrades. Has a weapon mount, though. Loving the art on this.
A70: a small sensor 5 drone with Improved Sensor Suite coming standard. Could come in handy for a few riggers I knew. Has Tracked Vehicle upgrade in standard and is drawn as tracked.
Blood Scythe: a combat drone with Pilot 3, Body 3 and Armor 1. But it has Targeting Autosoft 5 coming standard. All for 18kĄ. Has no Tracked Vehicle upgrade in standard despite being drawn as tracked.
The shadowtalkers are discussing how one of those was used to cut down several Polish citizens in Warsaw for standing in line for food in front of a Russian soldier's girlfriend (I'm not making this up, it's almost an exact quote). Party like it's 2062, never mind Russian forces were driven out of Poland that year.
A-74 Mk 2: basically, a light tank (or an IFV) categorized as "Vehicle Drone". I am not sure how many people that one seats, if it seats anyone, and shadowtalk does not have a word about that. Has no Tracked Vehicle upgrade in standard despite being drawn as tracked.
Nizhinyi BMV-3: BMV-2 from SOTA2073 with minimal upgrades. Classed as an APC despite being a LAV.
Also, I really wish CGL could come up with a decent and consistent naming system. That "Nizhinyi" used to be "Nizhniy Tagil" (Nizhniy = Lower) back in third edition, which is a city in Russia where a well-known tank-producing plant is located. How it mutated into a design bureau Nizhinyi is beyond me. Besides, BMV used to be BVM (if I remember), which stood for "boyevaya vozdushnaya machina", "combat air vehicle", which is named roughly by the same principle as the BMP, BRDM and the rest of Russian light armour. What BMV stands for is beyond me (other than Bayerische Motoren Werke with an error).
M-173: an APC with Improved Suspension as a standard upgrade. Let me remind you what Improved Suspension does: "The on-road Handling value receives a +1 modifier, while the vehicle automatically goes out of control when entering off-road terrain". It also has Pilot 2. And no Gun Ports - why don't any IFVs or APCs have Gun Ports, btw? With maybe one or two exceptions.
GD Longstreet: an IFV with stats to match the Stonewall. Because one hilariously broken tank is never enough.
Bridgette: a truck to mount AAA guns on. Armoured on par with light armoured vehicles. The shadowtalk features Netcat bashing on Clockwork for relying on machines too much in his life.
Lockheed Mamba: mobile artillery piece, decently armoured. Pictured as a truck, but said to be a tracked vehicle. To represent that, has no Tracked Vehicle upgrade in standard.
TR-73: cargo tilt-rotor plane. Not much to say here.
B-6 LeMay: yeah, as you might've guessed by the name, it's a B-2. Looks about the same in the picture, too, despite whatever advances made in 70 years in radiolocation and stealth.
A-17: a carrier-based fighter. Surprisingly enough, judging by the description, it's a 4th generation plane in the 70ies. And the shadowtalk adds it was designed for looks.
Dassault Zeta Bravo: eighth-generation fighter, said to be a competitor to YNT Kanyuk, but better than it in most stats. Shadowtalkers say that YNT Kanyuk is produced by NeoNET.
Hunt-class frigate: it's a frigate, and it has badass art. It also has Missile Defense, three flexible remote-controlled weapon mounts and an armoured reinforced manually controlled turret. I am not too sure how that all is supposed to work.
Florida-class SSGN: a nuclear sub, and it has nukes. Has a crew of 40, and it takes 3 men to operate it in benign conditions, so the shadowtalkers are discussing the feasibility of stealing one.
Hensley-class Destroyer: well it's a destroyer. You can tell I am not into large vessels statted up as vehicles. So yeah.

AN-74: AN-94 Abakan assault rifle, produced by the Nikonov Design Consortium. SA RC 1. On an assault rifle. Need I say more.
HK MG-14: a light machine gun with a 60 round clip. RC 2 built in, said to be a bullpup, but does not look like one in the picture.
Ares Pulse Fire: a laser rifle with either 6P SA or 4P FA modes. Pretty funny with 2x5 clips, I'd say. Shadowtalkers wish for a laser weapon that'd be capable of suppressive fire in the talk section; can't see how this one doesn't work for that.
Riptide: a supercavitating torpedo. Turbo Bunny's doubting that "something going so fast can hit anything".
Medusa Point Defense Laser: a 9P laser that's sold as a vehicle weapon. Works for point defense, I guess.

Cranston: a SAM missile that deals 9P damage. Which is enough to shoot down a Yellowjacket. In two shots. With direct hits. Also mentioned to be mounted on those same Yellowjackets. I guess "surface to air" doesn't mean much these days.
Dagger: an "anti-tank" rocket that deals even less damage than a standard Anti-Vehicle one, but with slightly higher AP which gives it a chance to actually scratch light armour a bit.
Ribble: "anti-structure missile", that is, a missile with a thermobaric warhead. Damage is comparable to the standard frag rocket, but it features higher AP against infantry than against vehicles (much higher than that of frag, too). Sadly no rules for fuel air explosions.
SA-53: a SAM missile with a reasonable damage and a range of about a dozen kilometers.
RIM-248 Bulwark: pretty much the same missile, but with range of about half a hundred kilometers. Both it and the SA-53 can't be launched from anything but a ship or a fixed base.
/dev/grrl is asking what a lawn gnome is in the shadowtalk.
Stealth Shadow - a cruise missile with reduced signature.
Ares Doru - a system to launch cruise missiles off reinforced external weapon mounts on planes. Makes you wonder a bit why Blackjacks can carry twelve cruise missiles on internal mounts...
EMTACAR: a high DV-high AP cruise missile for blowing up bunkers. Costs almost two million nuyen, of course.
Regulus 68: a relatively cheap cruise missile that deals 30P in a large area. Could damage a few light armour vehicles, that.
MTR: an "anti-tank" missile. Said to be the best available: better than Anti-Vehicle from Core, worse than Anti-Tank from War!
Zuni IX: a rocket slightly better than the standard Anti-Vehicle one from Core, and slightly cheaper to boot.
Inferno: a missile that can be fired from an armoured vehicle's main gun. While certainly a nice idea, I can't see why that wasn't made a shell type instead, allowing you to shoot any missile you want. The missile itself is underwhelming - while the shadowtalkers are discussing how it's capable of penetrating anything short of a Stonewall, realistically most armoured vehicles won't be destroyed by it.

All in all, the book has a few interesting items, and I must say I liked the art a lot. On the other hand, as you can see in the post above, it's horrifically edited, and features an amount of missile descriptions that seems a bit too high for my taste.
Heh, i find the shadowtalk about the B-6 hilarious. Kane seems to be upping his game.
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