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Othen than the forth-coming Shadows of Europe and Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book, what new releases are in the pipe?

Any idea of a timeline for them?


check i believe they've got a release schedule (can't access it from work, oddly).
Done...those are the only new products mentioned on the site.

Thanks, though.

ah. well, i know they're working on Shadows of Asia. a while ago--before the CC came out--there was talk of a book of scary stuff. i believe there's going to be one for paracritters as well.
Ronin Soul
Okay, we have the following list:

Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book: In Editing. June release.
Loose Alliances: Writing.
Running Wild: Writing.
SOTA: 2064: Pre-Writing.

In addition to Shadows of Europe, slated for a May release I believe.

Loose Alliances is a sort of organisation book (non corp organisations) I think. Running Wild is basically an updated critter book - how to use them in a game, new critters, HMHVV related stuff, stuff like that.

In addition there is Shadows of Asia and Flashpoint: Pacific Northwest coming out one day (they've been mentioned)
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