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Full Version: Creating fake files as props
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So my team did a job for an information broker and got paid in a 'free research' coupon. It was a way to get the players' individual sub-plots rolling.

One team member asked for information on a special ops team he used to roll with. I'd like to do up a physical prop file, with some personnell reports, medical and cyberware reports, mission details, a few internal memos (all heavily censored, but with enough info to get give leads and plot threads going).

Now, has anyone any ideas what else should go in to a military personnel report in 2071 ? And if anyone knows where I could get some template documents to play with, I'd be much obliged
I know it probably sounds like a strange place to look, but the old Stargate RPG from AEG had tons of Military style papers and mission reports. I don't know if they'll help you but its a place to start looking.
The Wrestling Troll
Here are some things i've found on the internet: // (gives an oversight of what kind of documents you can request from your military record)

How detailed do you want to make it, that should be the first question you ask yourself.

If you're going for super detailed, a full Dossier I'd suggest: Commendations/Disciplinary Actions, a Full Cyber work-up, Full Medical File which includes any & all illnesses the person may have reported or was hospitalized for, Current Status, Current Unit-possibly to include names of the unit they are in now if not the same unit, Last 5 missions he was sent on & status of those missions, Noted Skills/Specialties, Weapon Specializations, Specialty Weapons...That's all I can think of now, for a less detailed Dossier, depending on how thorough the Broker is & what he can get his hands on, include a few of these documents with Redacted information or just don't include a few, if you want it to look like a true military File, Redacted files are one of the best ways to add a bit of realism to it as if the Op is classified, very few things would be leaked except non-sensitive information.
Cheers guys. Appriciate it.

Redacted files was what I was going for. Team/op were classified but the broker is very good and the favour owned is large. I will be letting the recepient know that having the file at all could be considered treasonous if the UCAS find out.

I'll check with my local shop to see if they have the Stargate RPG. Hope so as it's 124 pounds on !
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