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Full Version: Need help for a run
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I have to get my whole group into the VR and visit a specific node, that is part of my adventure. Not everybody is a matrix specialist or even has a good reason to go VR.

Do you guys have any suggestions how to get the whole group involved? Even those who won't be particular useful, if shit hits the fan?
Perhaps a matrix club that only accepts users that connect in VR as the meet point?
The Wrestling Troll
Mr. Johnson meeting via VR (most people think they will get a new contract but instead IT'S A TRAP!)
How about starting the session during some R&R and just telling them they're all enjoying some VR hobby or get-together of some kind between jobs? You might get 'But my character doesn't DO virtual reality', at which point you heavily argue that in this day and age it's only the pathologically technophobic who shun such joys of their time.
Thanks for the replies, I just read them and thought a little about them.

@Shortstraw: Straight up and simple idea, I like it. The only problem: Why would they go into that club? Maybe someone doesn't like the VR and says "nope, I just go into a real club".

@TheWrestlingTroll: You just solved my problem above. Now this would work. Meet a Johnson in a VR-only club. Well they still could say "nope, I don't want to go there", but money talks, so they probably will bite smile.gif Thanks for that suggestion.
But just to clarify, it is not going to be a trap smile.gif

@Aerospider: I don't know what R&R is, but I get your basic. I prefer Shortstraws+TheWrestlingTrolls combined idea though, thanks anyway smile.gif
I figured the Johnson might direct them to an insider in the targets organization that wants to meet in the club.
The Wrestling Troll
From many years of running in the shadows I've learned that it IS ALWAYS A TRAP when a Johnson offers you money. In the end they most likely will betray you or send you as a suicide squad somewhere nasty nyahnyah.gif

PS: If they refuse to meet the Johnson, you could argue that Mr.Johnson has heard of this runner group and is very cautious and little bit scared of big bad boys. That's why he wants to meet in VR so that noone can hurt the other.
R&R - Rest and recuperation.
For the most part you can do anything in Ar as you can VR. With one exception, you can go faster in VR. I'd be hesitant to tell a character they have to go vr. For starters most characters simply aren't going to have the right equipment to go vr. Also forcing someone to do something is a bad way to start a game. Keep in mind you can log off VR whenever you want, so keeping a character logged in is unlikely. Also just because you have a meet with a Johnson in vr doesn't mean everyone has to go. (typically Johnsons only expect the team leader (face) to show up (see anatomy of a run, and several of the short fiction pieces).

Without the right programs you can't really handle anything in vr. Wanna attack you need an attack program. Most players simply aren't going to have those, so will have little to do.
Honestly, just have them not get hired if they don't make the meet. VR is very common in 2070 and someone not going for it would be as much a luddite as someone saying "Oh i never ever play computer/video games, they rot the brain. A club could require the VR experience, and all you need for that is a set of trodes, a comlink, and a simsense chip.

VR Meets are actually very safe for all parties. There's a lot of deniability and unless your running hot sim the absolute worst you can come up with in most cases is a headache. Sure your meat bods could be traced, but if you came to a real meet you could found that way. Honestly I could potentially see them being very common.

I guess my question is why do you need to get them into the specific node?
@LurkerOutThere: I will write you in a pm, why they have to go to a specific node. I do not think my players are browsing this forum, but I won't take that risk smile.gif

@nightslasthero: All the runners have the necessary equipment to go VR, so this is no problem. Also I am forcing no one to do anything, the current adventure is kind of an open world. Many different possibilities for runs, I am just trying to work out another one, where they all have to be in a specific VR node as a starting point. Also you should keep in mind that you can not log off VR whenever you want, there are possibilities to deny that. Not saying this is part of my adventure, but it is possible. If they don't want to show up, they won't get the deal, it is their choice. They are free to choose not to go and look for other runs, I give them plenty opportunities.

@Aerospider: Thank you for clarification smile.gif

@TheWrestlingTroll: Seems like I have yet to make those experiences smile.gif

Thanks again for your responses, I think I have it worked out now smile.gif
Amazeroth, I got your PM, it seems a very interesting prospect. I will write back when i've had more time to digest and formulate.
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