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Figured this might be useful to the SR community. biggrin.gif
I use but you need to sign up. It also has a 3D view smile.gif
Thanks for the link, it's looking good so far.
Speed Wraith
Heh, bookmarked both to investigate later smile.gif. Do either of these sites allow for size-able grids? I'm guessing no, but figure I'd ask.
I don't think so, Speed Wraith. is for architectural purposes, so it's either m or ft and that's it.
But a grid is easily added later in PS wink.gif
Speed Wraith
That would mean having access to PhotoShop nyahnyah.gif Its no big deal, I'm just lazy and would have loved to be able to use them as grid maps. wink.gif
QUOTE (bannockburn @ Aug 15 2012, 12:22 PM) *
But a grid is easily added later in PS ;)

Or, if you're nifty (cheap and dislike pirating a copy of photoshop and don't like GIMP) like me, and their hexagonal grid V3 or the grid maker thingie that I just found (in case you don't like hexes).

Example in action:
Was about to recommend and GIMP smile.gif
Well, for people who don't mind spending some money there is also campaign cartographer.
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