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Full Version: When were Raptor Cyberlegs first available?
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Anyone know what year Raptor Cyberlegs hit the market after Kid Stealth invented 'em? I'm curious as to whether they'd be available for a 2050 campaign, or not.
If memory serves me right, they were either in Cyberthecnology or Man&Machine. In either case they were a second or third edition addendum, so definitely a no-go for a 2050 campaign.
Well, Kid stealth didn't invent raptor legs.

After he blew his legs off to escape drowning and was lying in a hospital bed, he chose them from a catalogue.

So that would have been several years in the past, and likely to be before the 2050 setting.

So you'd be pretty much ok to have them in a 2050 timeframe.
Ah, no, actually, he DID - kinda - invent them . .
They were even named afte rhim in 3rd ed . .
Kid-Stealth-Cyber-Legs . .

He did not look at a catalogue.
He was looking at a book about birds/dinosaurs.

He had found a better model for Legs than the human standard.
Thanks D2F, Stahlseele. The closest reference I could find was a site with house-rules and compilations, had a bit of Shadowtalk there dated 2059.
"Kid Stealth" Cyberlegs

Shadowrun 3rd ed
Man and Machine: Cyberware pg: 37

So they were available in like 2061
And the Invention of these legs was mentioned in the Shadowrun Novel Wolf and Raven.
Indeed. I forget off the top of my head when this novel took place. Wolf had told Kid's story in the novel-when he was...well, still a kid practically(he was only around 18 or so he mentioned), he was doing crime-ring oriented stuff; well he ends up in cement shoes. He had an internal air tank which bought him time, and kept plastic explosives in a body cavity. He ties his legs off at the knees, and boom. Saved his life. He was looking over various bio books, as said, and mentioned the raptor. He worked with the doctor and had them made.

Again, though-I forget when the novel actually took place. It may be after 2050-or so close around that I'm not sure if the legs would have been actually widely available yet.
Wolf an Raven is - (un)officially - the Memoires of Wolfgang Kies (The [Were]Wolf).
And he writes them up in 2059. Says so in the foreword at least.
At least some of the short stories in "Wolf and Raven" was written before SR1 was published. I know I have a magazine with an interview with Michael Stackpole, where he explains why Wolfgang Kies does not follow the rules for shapeshifters, and look much more like the traditional werewolf, and one of the reassons is the he was written befor the rules were finished.
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