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So I've been playing an orc bruiser and while I really like him, I can't help but play around with new character concepts. Lately I've been liking the idea of a Private Investigator Rigger sort of archetype, he just also happens to be paraplegic. The idea behind this is that he'd obviously be high in technical and social skills, and while he'd do the *ahem* leg-work himself, he'd primarily use microdrones for surveilance. Keep in mind this is a relatively low level campaign and we're using the alternative BP character creation from the Companion and we're capped at 105 points. I gave him a touch of the wheel man as well cause I felt like it, and this way he can still jump in to the car through the RC deck.
i'd not do the parplegic thing.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Sep 6 2012, 10:37 AM) *
i'd not do the parplegic thing.

I'd broadly concur. The whole half Combat Pool thing hurts, and there's no exemption for Rigged combat; especially considering that you're strapped for points to begin with (and thus will be limited in your ability to compensate for loss of mobility with a nice van and lots of drones), three Build Points just doesn't seem like a fair price.

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