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Full Version: Bonus Material From Shadows of North America
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I seem to recall that Tzeentch, awhile back, put up some bonus material he wrote for the Tir Tairngire portion of Shadows of North America. Does anyone know whatever became of it? I recall altered rules for languages and for Carromeleg, their martial art.
I remember that too. Check the old forums.
For those that don't recall, you can check the old forums at
My Shadowrun backups are not on the machine I'm currently on. I'll try and repost the cut border guards, carromeleg and language information before Monday.
T! Holy fuckin' gawd. What's been happenign wit you, playa? This is bonefish, and I've still got that copy of R3 you sent me.

But hurry up and get your site updated. I want it. I need it in my life.
QUOTE (OurTeam)
For those that don't recall, you can check the old forums at

Thanks I didn't know they were still up. I got back the Training or Karma for Cash thread I posted there. I have been looking all over my files for those.
I'm busy with GURPS 4e stuff like the new Ultra Tech wink.gif
Hmm, can't seem to find them in the old forum archives.
A Clockwork Lime
That's 'cause the Shadows of North America forum (which was where the information was posted) isn't there. Never did figure out why they got rid of old new-release forums like that...
Hmm. I copy/pasted all that bonus Tir stuff to a file on my desktop on my old computer, I'll check and see if I've still got it when I get home. If so I'll repost it. I'm pretty sure I at least still have the Carromeleg stuff.
Anyone had luck finding the rules yet?
Sorry, I'm on Pacific time so I'm still at work today, and I forgot to look last night. Will write myself a note so I remember tonight!
I await.
And I deliver!

Meaning beautiful music, Sperethiel is the official language of Tir Tairngire and is spoken by every subject. There are three major forms of the language: Conversational, Poetic, and Archaic (sometimes called Formal). All three are related but have drastically different conjugation and word meanings. Poetic Sperethiel in particular is famous for the long years of study necessary to properly use its hundreds of special cases. A character familiar with the Sperethiel language is assumed to have learned Conversational but they will also have a base rating in Poetic Sperethiel equal to half their base Language Skill this skill can be improved as normal (see p. 244, SR3). Archaic Sperethiel must be learned as a separate skill entirely, even masters of Poetic Sperethiel will have a difficult time with the language. It is not possible to default to Archaic Sperethiel except from Poetic Sperethiel, with a +4 modifier.

There is only one written form of the language but it is extremely complex and labor intensive. Most people and even government documents are written in anglicized Sperethiel sometimes called low speech by purists. Learning actual written Sperethiel (rather then the simpler form) is a separate Reading and Writing skill (p. 91, SR3).

This is the famous elven fighting style. Although it means physical stillness it has gained popularity outside of Tir Tairngire primarily as a sport style combining some of the more acrobatic techniques of the real carromeleg with judo and capoeira (see p. 88, Cannon Companion). True carromeleg is a rare style outside of Tir Tairngire but there are schools in Portland and one in Seattle.

Real carromeleg is purely a defensive form that excels at responding to attacks with devastating counters. A carromeleg practitioner attempts to incapacitate an enemy as quickly as possible by breaking limbs and striking vulnerable spots. Recently a hard form of the martial art called dagormeleg has begun to gain popularity with Peace Force personnel in Yreka, combining the defensive moves of normal carromeleg with brutally simple offensive moves borrowed from aikido and chin na.

Dagormeleg has the same Maneuvers but is otherwise treated as Aikido (p. 88, Cannon Companion).

Advantages: Carromeleg practitioners have a base Target Number of 3 when making Defender Success Tests in melee combat. They may also use their carromeleg skill instead of Body to resist knockdown (p. 124, SR3).
Disadvantages: A character with this skill may not initiate melee and may only use a Maneuver after being attacked. Maneuvers may only be combined with Club and Pole Arm weapon skills.
Maneuvers: Aggressive Defense, Close Combat, Evasion, Focus Will, Sweep, Throw.
New Maneuver Aggressive Defense: Characters using Aggressive Defense attempt to cripple the arms and legs of an attacker. If previously attacked the character can take a +2 target number penalty on his next melee Success Test to inflict Physical, rather then Stun, damage if he hits.

That's all I've got, if there was more I didn't copy it down. Hope that helps!
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