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In shadowrun 4th edition you can get package deals on cyberware, software, and very little else. With that in mind, Here are some ideas for additional packages that people might find useful.

This is the kind of thing i was thinking of:

1) 'Smooth operation' weapon accessory pack. available for weapons of SMG size or larger.
Foregrip, 50
Folding stock/shock pad, 50
Gas Vent 3, 400
Total: 500
Total after package discount: 450

2) 'Tactical pack (dumb)' weapon modification pack. Configured for automatics.
Barrel reduction, 20 1 mod.
Chameleon coating, 1000 2 mod.
Electronic firing, 1000 2 mod.
Sound suppressor, 600 3 mod.
Compound Laser sight/Flashlight (Lowlight): 300 accessory.
Imaging scope with electronic vision magnification, low light vision and rating 3 vision enhancement: 800 accessory.
Total: 3720 8 mod slots
Total after package discount: 3350, 6 mod slots.

Suggestions for other things people would like to see packaged?
B&E Kit
Sniper Kit
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