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Full Version: Shadowrun 2050 - Decking Errata
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Fellow runners,

I'm currently running an SR4 game thats using some of the "Shadowrun 2050" material. I have a new player who wants to be a Decker, and Character Creation has temporarily bogged down due to some missing info in the book - specifically, Software Prices and Deck Upgrade Prices.

Did the errata regarding missing tables for Software Prices and Deck Upgrade Prices ever get released?
If so, can someone direct me to where I can find it?
If not, does CanRay happen to have it himself and not mind sharing, either here or privately?
And worst case - If sharing that info isn't possible / allowed by the company, what could I use as a reasonable rules substitute for those figures until it is released?
I suspect the software follows the stock costs in the SR4a mainbook... Rating X 50 up to 3... Rating x 100 over 3. 10x that for hacking programs.

The bigger problem is the lack of hardware upgrade costs.

The biggest problem is the memory sizes and clearly expressed rules for memory as published are completely unworkable and make most of the software utilities that support core ones next to useless.
Decking Errata Released.

I was going through the ol' HDD and found it in one of my tertiary back-ups. Sorry it took so long.
Thanks for posting those Canray

One fast question... was there a second tiered cost for rank 1-3 programs vs rank 4-6?
I'm asking because this has been a constant in all SR editions since first.

Edit: I'll put my reply over in the main board thread...
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