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Full Version: Item attunment metamagic
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so I was reading up on this metamagic and does it do as it says? as in, I have attuned two pistols to my gunslinger adept. (does this take 2 attunements? they are the exact same gun and both are very close the char from his fluff) if I used both at the same time, both pools would get the +x dice modifier to both dice pools now?
Yes, it takes two attunements. No, it does not help you if you use both at the same time - you can only receive a bonus from one attuned item per action (not per roll), see the last paragraph. If you fire one as one simple action and the other as your second simple action, both would get the bonus. If you use the Attacker Using a Second Firearm rules to fire both in a single action, you'd only get one bonus, added to either one or the other after the split.
I find the attunement rules actually better work with 2-h weapons, such as assault rifles & whatnot because of their higher base damage values, & it would allow you to make called shots more easily. a fully compensated Burst fire weapons with called shot can be quite deadly especially if you have a decent Adept Initiation Grade, add in that you can get a boost with Way of the Warrior of +1 to IG when using a combat skill...
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