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so after mucking around with cyberlimbs I thought of so if you get all 4 limbs IE legs and body, give them each 9 agi, 5-7 bod, and 9 str, even if you have agi, str, at 1, you basically act as if you where at 9 in each? saving you a nice bit of net BP, did I read this wrong or is this possible? even doing this you have 2 essence left to work with. and obvious arms can even fit in cyber gyromounts
I think the torso is averaged in for strength, agility, and body. The head might also be averaged in just for body.

Unless the test is specific to one body part at GM's discretion.
if you are only using one specific limb for something, you would use only that limbs attribute for the test. note that this does only count for actual skill tests.
body is always averaged.
for tests where you use the whole body, the whole body outside of the head(this is mostly accepted houserule/interpretation, rather than RAW), is averaged in terms of attributes.
the head is averaged in terms of body for damage resistance tests at least . .
and do NOT ever forget, that you get more condition monitor boxes for each cyber-limb you have.

and if you can find a way to mitigate the damage from doing so(probably by bribing/blackmailing your GM), look up the redlining rules and boggle at the crazy shit you can suddenly try and probably succeed at . .
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Oct 24 2012, 09:12 PM) *
look up the redlining rules and boggle at the crazy shit you can suddenly try and probably succeed at . .

Like ripping out parts of a giant arachnid-like tank with your bare hands?
for example . .
you can basically double any attribute of a cyber-limb.
but then you take stun damage with a DV of the doubled attribute, if i remember correctly.
so, use it once and you faint.
use a pain-monitor or however that thing is called that lets you ignore stun damage and do it again, and you die because you have ripped apart your fleshy parts.
Which is basically what happened in that scene ^^
yeah, i know. aside from there being no fleshy parts left aside from the brain in that case.
if the SR rules worked like that, you could do it, no problem . . well, untill the arm is ripped off at least.
the silly problem comes when you do this for punching or kicking or jumping or running or throwing or shooting a gun and your limb rips off because of that <.<
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