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I'm probably like most gamers, I have little artistic quality when it comes to map making. Autorealm is a great program, but takes time. Anyone have any links to map sites? I'm looking for anything and everything: Churches, city blocks, country sides, graveyards, interior of buildings, etc.

Anything you guys got will be appreciated.
Austere Emancipator
Oldie but goldie. This seems to have relevant stuff too. There are dozens more that get quoted here often, if you don't mind searching with "maps" or a similar word.
Jason Farlander

miscellaneous maps

Use your Imagination
I like Terraserver for large areas.

[edit] Note that if you enter a specific city into the seach function you can get aerial photos... not just topography...[edit] smile.gif
Try the floorplans of the german SR page.
Max Denim
Do you need anything specific?
Yeah, now that you mention it, I do. I'm looking for a church and a graveyard. Both separate, of course.

Btw, thanks all. Those links are great!
Firewall has some tools for all systems. The city-maker could be useful...
Jason Farlander
Church floorplans

Cemetery maps

Here's a modular building company with some of their layouts on the web:
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