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Full Version: Sasquatches
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in the 1st ed one of the beings that sahowed up were sasquatches. They couldn't be pc's but they were around as entertainers and could be contacts and generally being weird BUT they were there. Now maybe it's just me but they seem to have disappeared entirely-except for a few mange covered bandersnatch, anyone else see this? miss em? or were they a mistake to so humanize in the first place?
Sasquatches are statted as a paracritter in SR20A, p. 300, and as an option for a sapient critter PC in Runner's Companion, p. 84.
Prince Rex is still around (and rockin' a tie, when he wants to dress up for political events).
They are still around - It's just that there have never been very many of them, and most of them don't care to hang out in urban areas like Seattle. So a few of them have made names for themselves in entertainment and politics, while the rest just go on with their lives.
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