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Full Version: AI (Artifical Intelligence) Query: Subscriptions
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In theory I understand subscriptions
To connect to a node (aside from the one on which your persona is
running), you must subscribe to it. A subscription is a two-way communications link through the Matrix. This is a steady link that can be maintained for extended periods of time. You must subscribe to a node if you want to “travel” to it in the Matrix, which means that you must be able to either connect with it directly (with a wired connection, or when within mutual Signal range) or by establishing a route through the Matrix network. Subscribing to a node is a Complex Action (Log On, p. 231). When you log on to a node, your icon appears there. You can have more than one subscription open at a time. Each persona is limited to a number of subscriptions equal to twice its System

But how does this work with AIs who are effectively an Agent?

I've got a home node (a drone) so can I be there but also have a subscription to a remote node and be aware of both nodes at once or do I 'physically' move through the matrix to the other node leaving my home node empty? The situation has arrisen because I'm being hacked at my home node whilst being in combat in the remote node...I think...

Any help appreciated!
QUOTE (Aria @ Nov 29 2012, 06:43 AM) *
But how does this work with AIs who are effectively an Agent?

AI's are NOT effectively an agent; they have all the same privileges as a normal matrix User, where agents(at least of 4a/unwired) are restricted from remote connections.

AI's go both ways: they can transfer their processing resources from node to node Physically, AND form digital connections to remote computers Digitally.

You don't need to establish a subscription to yourself, so the only time you should have a connection open is if you're forming a remote connection to Someplace Else.

This means it also becomes rather important to constantly keep track of where the AI is Running all the time, since a lot of their stats(like subscription limits) are derived from that node, but it can also change at a moments notice.
Sorry, meant to say thanks! I think I've got this in my head now...why I keep insisting on playing matrix characters is beyond me biggrin.gif
Glutton for punishment?

Wait, we already know that, you're running multiple games in the 2072+4 thread. Uhhhh...well, all I'm coming up with is you're getting (further) in touch with your masochistic side.
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