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Full Version: Homebrew: The Seer's Way
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Trying to make a Seer type mystic adept, and I came up with this. I'd appreciate any feedback.

The Seer’s Way
Cost: 10 BP
If there are many different types of adepts, there are even more different types of mystic adepts. One type which has recently begun to crop up are the Seers of the Sixth World, mystic adepts who, perhaps more than any other, embody the world “Mystic” as it was known in the Fifth World. These people focus on developing their sixth sense, allowing them to gain surprising insight into the world. Some even become prescient, though debates rage over whether or not they are foretelling the future, or merely using a different avenue of perception unavailable to the rest of meta-humanity. Characters with this Quality may purchase the following powers at a 25 percent discount (rounding as normal), selecting one power for every two Magic points: Astral Perception, Eidetic Sense Memory, Enhanced Perception, Heightened Concentration, Improved Senses, Piercing Senses, Magic Sense. In addition they receive a +1 to Initiate Grade for the purposes of any two of the following metamagics: Divining, Psychometry, and Sensing.

Astral Projection
Cost: 1
Seer’s Way Adepts Only
With this power you gain the ability to project your mind outside your body in the same way that a magician can (see Astral Projection, SR4A Pg. 192 for more details). You cannot perceive the astral unless you astrally projecting. For the ability to perceive the astral plane without projecting your consciousness into it, you still require the Astral Perception power.


And now this:

The Oracle
The Oracle is a mentor found in cultures prone to superstition, omens (of good or ill luck) and with a strong belief in Fate. She is a wise being who is aware of more than she says, but seems to be limited in her ability to inform others of these things. She often speaks in riddles or allegory, and even if she is able to speak directly her words are often difficult to believe.
Advantages: +2 dice for Perception and Assensing Tests, +2 dice for Detection spells.
Disadvantage: A Prophetic magician is stubbornly cryptic in her phrasing when imparting knowledge that others do not have and may need. She may never inform people directly, choosing instead to be as mysterious as possible unless she makes a successful Willpower + Charisma (3) Test.


And for more o'the Brew

The Savant’s Path
Concept: One’s ability to use magic grows with their ability to perceive and intuitively understand it. By expanding one’s consciousness and being receptive to their awareness of the world around them their understanding of and ability to use magic becomes as natural as breathing.

Combat: Guardian
Detection: Guidance
Health: Water
Illusion: Air
Manipulation: Man
Drain: Willpower + Intuition

If traditions and magical paradigms are conceptual lenses created in an effort to better enable the practitioner to understand magic and enact his will, the Savant’s Path is the casting aside of that lens. Savants strive to get to the core of what magic is and how it can be used, but not through formula, symbolism or religious experience. Instead Savants seek to deepen their intuitive understanding of magic and how it works. The ways to do this are many and varied, but common methods include the judicious use of hallucinogens and altered states of consciousness. Many Savants engage in perception based meditations, using their senses to observe magic in action in order to increase their understanding. One concept which is almost universal in those who follow the Savant’s Path is that of the Third Eye, and this sixth sense is rigorously developed in initiates. Many feel that the more minute details one is able to observe using their extra magical senses the more rapidly one’s intuitive understanding of magic will grow. Intrinsic to this concept of the third eye is the removal of ‘head-blinders’, thoughts, bias and ingrained ideas which distort the mind’s ability to perceive the world around them. Likewise Savants tend to be rather straightforward people, with a supposed policy against intentional lies, as they regard themselves as seekers of truth. Many have called them hypocritical for this claim, as they have no issue with lies of omission or intentionally saying things in mysterious ways in order to conceal or distort things without lying directly. To this they respond merely that for those who are wise their meaning is clear, and those that are unable to understand them are not ready to understand what is really being said.
I like it.
I also like, though I probably would have made Astral Perception a gateway power to Astral Projection, but that's just me.
I considered that, but the issue was that none of the other Way Specific adept powers had requirements, and that made me pause. I decided to follow the example set by the others, and of course I felt iffy about a requirement power on the list of possible discount powers.
Added a new bit of Homebrew into the original post - The Savant's Path magic tradition.
Astral Projection may fit better as a metamagic that requires Astral Sight.
if you added Combat Sense, you're describing one of my chars smile.gif
I really like this. I think it should just be +1 to Assensing and Perception, and +2 to Detection spells, though, for balance with other Mentor Spirits.
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