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Full Version: a quick way for introducing the 2052 lore to new players?
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I'm trying to recruit new players for my SR3 Games, I was thinking... is there any easy resource to quick give them shadowrun lore?
I saw the primer but it kinda lacks Dragons (or I missed them?)

Thanks for your help
Dragons are not that significant at that time. The only really 'known' dragons are Dunkelzahn and Lofwyr, and Big D hasn't yet tried to run for president.
Just mention Lofwyr owning a corporation that's BMW, Ruhrmetall, Thyssen-Krupp and similar corporations rolled in one, and Dunkelzahn having a yearly (I think) talkshow, where he speaks about dragons and his personal thoughts.
Rumors would be Lung behind the Triads, Ryumyo behind the Yakuza.
Then there's Aden having destroyed Teheran as retaliation for the Ayatollah calling for a Jihad against the awakened, Schwartzkopf teaching magic in Prague, 3 big ones founding Amazonia, and of course Sirrurg shooting down that one plane to be the token dragon terrorist.
With the rest of the primer you should be good to go wink.gif
Don't forget Hestaby out west, although only the Tir Princes know she's there in the 50's.
Which is why I wouldn't include her in an overview smile.gif
The rest of them are known to the world at large, either because they are famous or infamous or just plain quirky, and everyone with a tridset may have seen them at one point or the other, while shadowrunners may have heard the rumors of something going on behind the scenery (such as triads or yakuza gumis/rengos being controlled by a certain draconic overlord). For Joe Normal, Accountant, it's only "Ryumyo is the wyrm that woke up at Fujiyama at the start of the awakening? That guy had a name?", of course ^_^
-The Shadowrun Returns handout (linked ages ago, should still be hanging about at the Shadowrun Returns website) was a great way to introduce new players to the SR3 world

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