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Mordrid Soud
just got back into shadowrun this past week (2nd ed. was my first rpg back in 94). i played a bunch of crap after 96, trading in my 2nd ed books (some of which i wish i hadn't now). got 3rd edition 2000, then got into d20 modern selling my sr books yet again. decided to get back in, and was able to get all the books i needed except m&m. does fanpro always wait till the last possible moment to release their books? it lists april for the release, and it is already the 21st. i know patience is not my strong suit, but damn it, i want it now. by the by, what the hell happened to the shadowrun archive site. it used to kick ass, but nothing new has been posted in over a year?
M&M reprint is shipping this week.

[Most game companies wait for a couple products to be shipping and then ship them in batches, because the cost savings are rather substantial.]
Lousey Capitalists!!
So...are they actually adding anything new? Or is it just a straight reprint?
Reprint with the errata that was posted a few months ago. That's what a reprint is. smile.gif
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