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What small businesses or small-scale corporations have you established in your version of the Sixth World? I have Green Lantern Security, Inc., a small private security firm serving clients throughout the Seattle area, and in the last session established the existence of Holy Crap It's A Shipping Company, LLC, whose trucks are recognizable by their stark paint scheme consisting of the phrase, "Holy Crap It's A Truck!" in black letters on a plain white trailer.

Yes, these were both off-the-cuff.
I ran a game in Atlanta last year and came up with some local corps because I could not find any good material on Atlanta in SR4. Below are the ones from the game. The companies in parenthesis are essentially the modern equivalent to their assets and possibly the companies from which they sprang.

AA corporations in Atlanta-
Sun Media Corp- (Suntrust, CNN, Turner, UPS, Weather Channel, Home Depot)
Mostly east coast news and weather. Some banking and misc.
Restoco- (Chik-fil-a, Hooters, Waffle House, Arby's, Popeye's, General Mills, Burger King, Cold Stone, assorted other)
Now with new bacon and gravy flavored soy!
Southern Delta- (Delta, Southern Company, Georgia-Pacific, ExpressJet Airlines)
Primarily a utility company that now controls electric for the entire southeast and other big regions of the former USA/Canada. They also continue to operate air lines globally.
Bank of CAS- (Banking, Real estate, Insurance)
Operates mainly in CAS, but has global holdings.
Wal Inc.- (Department stores, Plastics, NAPA/auto part stores, Retail, Low Cost Health Care)
The major "local" Stuffer shack competitor.
Archer-Daniels-Goldkist-Tyson (ADGT)- (Agriculture and Forestry around Georgia and most of UCAS and CAS) - partially owned by Aztechnology and Ares.
Coke- Not sure if one of the megas companies officially owns them now, but they had a strong presence in the game as the drink of choice in most places. One character's day job was as a driver for them.

A corporations-
ACC- Atlanta Computer Company: Computer services, IT services, help lines for other companies, computer security, network maintenance
Terrapin-Sweetwater Breweries- (Largest beer maker in CAS, also has farming interests)- All production in CAS, but it distributes internationally earning it an A
Expidex- (Machining and industrial parts)- Primarily a supplier of medical tech and cyberware parts. They also do a lot of custom work.
ATL- Atlanta Technology Ltd. (Rubber, plastics, chemicals)- Generic small agri-chemical company.

Other Big Players
CAS Federal Government
CASIT (formerly Georgia Tech)
CP Gang- "College Park Gang"- Runs drugs and prostitution in southern Atlanta
Stags- Run drugs and other crime in buckhead territory
CDC- An independent research company now.
Emory Medical Network- Strong connections and controls nearly all medical care within Atlanta.
I wanted a few AA corps for my players to be able to work with, and I also needed some new weapons manufacturers for some homebrew designs we use. Came up with a few ideas I'm rather fond of, because they've proven a lot of fun for my players to mess around with.

Zorg Industries

The brainchild of eccentric French technocrat Jean-Luc Thierry Zorg, specializing in high tech "luxury" industrial goods, Zorg Industries is responsible for some of the more bizarre and effective inventions of the past decade. Everything Zorg puts out rides the bleeding edge of technological capability, with ultra-smooth operation, incredible efficiency and efficacy, and top of the line construction quality: all wrapped in sleek, ergonomic, compact, super-luxury designs.

Zorg produces nearly every product imaginable, in every sector of every market. In fact, Zorg products typically face their biggest market share competition from other Zorg products. Catering primarily to the ultra-rich, Zorg prides itself on being able to design any product to meet any needs. With almost impossibly quick prototyping, design, and development, a staggering 84% of Zorg products are one-off production runs sold on a first-come basis. These designs are purportedly never reused, even when they perfectly suit the needs of new clients - Zorg simply creates a brand new design each time.

Naturally, if you have to ask about the price...

Hoffman National Defence

Founded by David Hoffman, an ex-CAS militia leader notorious for his controversial political aspirations and roughneck morals alike, Hoffman National Defense bills itself as a supplier of "Guns For Real Men", with a focus on providing tools and firearms for the All-American pursuits of hunting, sporting, lynching, and border defense. Favored by "good old boys" who believe that a polite society is an armed-to-the-teeth society, Hoffman equipment is infamous for being over-powered, over-marketed, over-engineered, and generally just over-the-top.

Want a handgun that can take down an elephant? Hoffman has it. Want a rotating mounted dual-minigun turret for the bed of your pickup truck? That's this year's hot Christmas item. Want a .75 caliber twin magazine precision hunting rifle, equipped with gryo-stabilized slo-mo kill cam? Hoffman himself used one to film the sasquatch hunt that headlined his most recent viral marketing campaign and set off a chain of ecoterrorist "reverse hunting" retaliations. Despite constant sanctions from most Pro Sapient Rights groups across the globe, and even some harsh words from the Corporate Council every now and again, Hoffman is riding high on a surge of machismo fueled popularity only emboldened by his sneering mockery of those who object to him and his company's methods and values.

Kai-Shek Munitions (KSM)

Founded by the illegitimate great-grandson of Chiang Kai-shek, "General" Yun Zhi Ro, KSM has firmly established itself as a AA Corporation of surprising tenacity. Harkening back to the ultra-nationalism of 20th century China, KSM prides itself on being China's most prolific weapons manufacturer, producing nearly 65% of all guns in the nation. Civilian purchases make up the vast majority of these numbers, driven by dirt-cheap prices and a marketing campaign directed toward a renewed nationalist pride that unifies and celebrates the historical contributions of both Kuomingtang and Communist forces alike against foreign interests in the 20th century.

While virtually anyone can scrape together the meager amount of nuyen required to purchase from KSM, affordability comes at the cost of technical sophistication. While remarkably reliable for the level of corner cutting that goes into their mass production, it is important to note that KSM guns are truly bare-bones weapons. A lucrative trade in Japanese manufactured after-market customization kits has sprung up in the absence of official KSM mod support, but with market share steadily increasing across all of Asia and even creeping into the Western world, Kai-Shek is sitting pretty on one of the strongest mid level corporate ventures around.

All these corps are rated AA, and all are canonic. Keep in mind all of these are AA rated, megacorps in their own right, and quite large enterprises. There are several hundreds of even smaller corps. Because the world economy is just huge and complex.

AG Chemie Europa
A German-based biochem consortium headquartered in Frankfurt that is, in parts, owned by Saeder-Krupp and ZIC. It's famous for it's lack of ethics, hidden forced human testing labs, and meddling with the environment, often with catastrophic results. Though active worldwide, it's focus is on Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, and parts of Africa.

Hamburg-based media consortium that's dominant in the german-language market in Europe and present throughout Europe. Makers of the Kombatmage franchise.

European Shuttle United Services ESUS
French, Paris-based transport, shipping and city management corporation that practically owns France's infrastructure, the Euroroutes superhighways/Maglev corrridors that link european capitals, and manages many cities' utilities worldwide. Also operates shipping concerns, Euro Air, Air France and controls a good deal of Europe's fusion reactors that Saeder-Krupp does not control.

Frankfurter Bankverein FBV
German bank and investment company. considered the largest not-Megacorp controlled bank. Used to be owned by Great Dragon Nachtmeister until Lofwyr decided to kill him. Struggling right now and run by a team of former Nachtmeister drakes. It has extensive Mid-Eastern operations and may or may not have links with Aden.

Hildebrand Kleinford Bernal HKB
The other large independent bank, London-based HKB is a dominant presence throughout Asia and the former Commonwealth of Nations. HKB is de facto owned by Great Dragon Rhownaby.

A portuguese AA corp, it mostly keeps to itself and the stranglehold it has on maghrebian and iberian economies. An outcome of the nationalisation of all of Portugal's public and private companies during the euro Wars, it is run my a complex mix of politicans, old blood, and mafiosi. It gets along really well with Wuxing, too.

Maersk Invorporated Assets
A scandinavian multinational that is involved in ressource exploitation, shipping, construction, shipbuilding, matrix management and healthcare, this corporation dominates the North Sea, facing off only with Proteus and the few AAA corps with significant interests in the area (namely Ares). Maersk is a driving force behind European Restoration, together with Saeder-Krupp.

Merdiional Agronomics
A quiet AA Eurocorp that controls most of southern Europe's agriculture, and has significant investments in African and Arabian vat farms. It is remarkable for it's expansion into genetics and transhumanism.

Proteus AG
A German corp of mystery and (originally) next to a nonprofit corporation, Proteus was actually created by a conspiracy of high management in Shiawase, MCT, AG Chemie, FBV and Great Dragon Nachtmeister, Proteus could as well call themselves Rapturecorp, because that's exactly what their hat is: highly unethical genetical experiments on their own people and underwater/oceanic arcologies. In 2063 there was a major shakeup that involved a near-total war with Ares and seveal thorshots, and Proteus started to act like an actual corp, offering services in genetics, vehicle building, and residence in their arcoblocks. They also still plan to be the premium choice when the world needs Kaers again, which is why they were originally created.

Regulus Joint Industries
A merger of Royal Dutch Shell and British Industrial, this corp combines ressource exploitation, cheap mass produce, weapons and services. It's headquartered in Europort, leaving it's own arcology in London to rot, and generally prone to dirty business whereever it treads.

A struggling small AA, this company is under siege from all sides, but still barely holding on. It's focus is vehicles in all shapes and associated products and services, as well as a bit of weapons design. It may well soon go the way of ECC Eurotronics and IMFU and falter, to be divided up by the sharks in the pond.

Sol Media Group
A Barcelona AA corp that basically is the spanish-language media scene where it is not Aztechnology. This Eurocorp also produces other language, international media and may be the largest independent non-AAA media corporation.

Zeta-Imp Chem ZIC
A Swiss-based megacorp, this company is in a constant race with AG Chemie for the hat of most evil corporation. It's only saving grace is that it's not the HEadquarters of the Human Nation, too. The Crash of 2064 wouldn't have been possible without ZIC's extensive research into WMD. It also operates MonoMed, Europe's largest medical services provider.

GENOM Corporation
The one that out-evils both ZIC and AG Chemie, Swiss AA GENOM owns the city of Basel, dominated by their giant arcology, and is heavily involved in human genetics, chemical and medical technologies, and the extermination of all metahumans.

Eastern Tiger Corporation
A large Korean consortium, this diverse industry megacorp is a dominant presence in Asia but has little interest in elsewhere. It basically runs Korea.

Federated Boeing
If it flies, Seattle-based FedBoeing has one on offer. The world's largest avionics corporation and the near-undisputed force in the industry, Fed-Boeing is active worldwide and has long since swallowed the entire american aerospace industry. It'S hard to say where FedBoeing ends and the Pentagon and CAS ministry of defense begins.

An NAN-based corporation headquartered in Vancouver, GAeatronics is the Native American success story. Mainly active in clean energy supply, they operate fusion plants, tidal and wind, solar and other regenrrative power stations around the globe.

Universal Omnitech
Another SCIENCE! corporation and once a part of Aztech, UO is run by mad, mad Thomas Roxborough whose strange genetic condition has him slowly fill more and more vats. Technically still human, it sure is no coincidence that UO tends to be one of the radical cybernetics and biogenetics corps and puts out strange, off-putting and sometimes downright terrifying products. Since it also controls DeBeers, UO on the side is a major force in the blood diamond business.

Monobe International
Monobe is the red-headed outsider among Japanocorps. Larger than NeoNET and Renraku, it still is denied access to AAA status, frustrating Monobe endlessly. It also is one of the less strict and opressive Japanocorps.

Yakashima Technologies

Yakashima is the corporation that has decided to farm whales, because why not. they also dabble in Unethical Science and media, helathcare and chemicals, and are rumored to be very invested in anti-metahuman racism. Fun people.

Sony Corporation
The oldest surviving Japanocorp, Soy has been declining for some decades now, and there are rumors that horrible things are going on inside this reclusive and bitter electronics consortium. On the plus side, Sony is among the most pro-metahuman Japanocorps.


A japanese heavy industry AA that is remarkable for having a Koborokuru (japanese dwarf metavariant) CEO. They also are Japan's near-monopoly on infrastructure.

A japanese AA consortium that dabbles in heavy industry, military arms, cybernetics and healthcare, as well as public services. Yokogawa is strongly present in the NAN and the Rim, and one of Asia's premier police and firefighting services.

A remarkably survivable smaller japanese AA that mainly dabbles in heavy industry. It got the lion's share of reconstruction contracts after the comet quakes in 2061, and has the Tenno's special favor, which probably is why it hasn't been swallowed by one of the larger japanese players.

This Australian AA has an iron grip on Australia's ressources, both Australia's and New Zealand's farming and industry, is the main force behind ANZAC operations, and also one of the world's larger weapons producers trhough Commonwealth Systems.

Kono-Furata-Ko KFK
A very conservative corporate culture belies this AA's capability to produce cutting-edge entertainment. Present in America and Asia, KFK is quite diversified and also dabbles in genetics, magical research, and construction.

Telestrian Industries Corporation
This AA corporation is run by elves. It also dabbles in computers, Matrix and bioresearch, cybernetcis, vehicle and weapons design, consumer products and banking, but it's most remarkable subsidiaries are strange new age magical service providers and the fashion hosue Lyric of Portland. Also, elves.

Kuze Nihon/Nihon Enterprises
Another Japanocorp, this time with an emphasis on security and weapons, as well as genetics and cybernetics. Kuze Nihon is strictly traditional and vehemently racist.

An American biotech corporation, Seretech caused a landmark development in corporate exterritoriality. Aside from that, they mainly follow the Umbrella plan of business, developing bioweapons and cybertech.

Spinrad Industries
Johnny Spinrad's corporation adn favourite plaything. This corp tries really hard to be edgy, radical, sick and swag, mostly due to the fact it's owner is quite mad. After having been nearly destroyed by Saeder-Krupp over a fabricated scandal about unethical science done on poor people in Marseilles, SpIn re-emerged from the ashes and set itself up anew. Also, the entire company, like it's near-cyberzombie owner, is out for Lofwyr's blood.

European Business Machines and Magic
A quiet European AA headquartered in Geneva, EBM² is mainly famous for having won the first-ever Desert wars.

Global Sandstorm
Arabia's local mega, this AA emerged from a fusion of several mid-eastern A-corps and American oil companies. Aside from the exploitation of what little oil is left in the middle east, Sandstorm is heavily invested in Africa and central Asia. Also, they tool Somalia's entire water, for reasons that can only be speculated about.

Korporacja Opatrznosci Bozej /Providence Corporation
This Aa from Poland is very invested in healthcare, sustainable energy, banking and media - and staunchly catholic. Though nominally headquartered in Czestochowa, it's really in Rome where shots are called in thsi corporation, wose CEO also is an ordained chaplain.

Ruhrmetall AG

An Essen-based AA dabbling in heavy industry, it's something of a mystery why Lofwyr allows this corporation to live. So far, Ruhrmetall has been very good at not getting in the dragon's way though, and makes a good profit selling trains, ships, drones and weapons to lots of countries. Ruhrmetall owns most of the old German weapons industry, like Rheinmetall, H&K and Krauss-Maffei.

Ford Motors Company

The last of what once was the Big Three, Ford struggles hard to maintain it's independence. This corporation provides enarly every job in Detroit that is not provided by Ares. ford also is, by far, the world's largest automobile company.

This Aa is the third largest corp in scnadinavia, after NeoNET and Maersk. It's mainly invested in high-tech industries and heavy industry and produces everything from cybernetics to missiles to slick sports cars.

Baihou Corporation
This Canton Confederation AA is what became of all the start-up manufacturing companies in the pearl river delta. It is the largest producer of military and heavy industry goods in former China and central Asia.

Shanghui Corporation
A ressources and energy provider from Manchuria, it likes to cut out competition with low prices. There's a rumor that many of it's employees and it's enture board are actually free spirits who prefer parment not in Nuyen anyway.

Kolkata Integrated Talent and Technologies
India's only corporation worthy of the Corporate Court's notice, KITT offers all kinds of services and outsourcing programs, as well as decent programming and Matrix services.

This thai corporation has a stranglehold on much of Southeast Asia. It's core business is producing low-end consumer products for export into more affluent countries, but it also dabbles in banking, biotech and food production.

This American bank used to be the largest independent bank, but has seen a rough decade, and it's decline to rank three. Still, the NYC-based company is back on the way up.

Cord Mutual Insurance
A CAS-based AA finances and insurance corporation that is the largest independent insurance provider after Index-Axa. It's most famous for haing huilt the Cord Mutual tower, a mile-high spire in Atlanta, and it's vicious corporate war against competitor North American Eagle, locally dubbed the Insurance War.

This franco-german insurance corporation is the world's largest insurance provider, but the Crash left it reeling. It remains to be seen whether they can save themselves or will be cut up and eaten alive by other sharks in the pond.

Tan Tien Corporation
A corporation from the city-state of Beijing, this small, oddball AA primarily does research it then sells to other, larger corporations for profit. Many megas made a killing with Tan Tien research, so it's a mbit of a mystery why they never pull anything trhough themselves. It is owned whole by a lesser Eastern dragon named Chiao , whose affiliation remains unclear.

Kokura Biotechnology
This Japanocorp is one of the smallest AA rated companies and present mainly in biotechnology and entertainment media.

United Oil
The remainder of America's petrochem giants of old, this texan company is known for dirty business practices and agressive seizing of opportunities, and aside from the dwindling business in oil has expanded into biotechnology, genetics, and biodrones. They also have a very egalitarian attitude towards their employees for a CAS company, employing metahumans and even nonhuman sentients without so much as batting an eye.

Microdeck Industries
The evolution of what once was the near-monopolist in private user software, Seattle-based Microdeck clings to what little hold thesy have left on the software market. The Crash actually was a great opportunity that they seized, and since, tehy have been on the rise again. The gates family, who own this privately-owned AA, are a mysterious,s eclusive bunch, and at least one of them supposedly is a technomancer of great skill.

Regency MegaMedia
This American-Indian media giant headquartered in Bombay was the driving force behind the rise of SimSense technology, and has been the prime studio churning these out in the 50s. When their fortunes declined, Bombay-based Regency bouight out the Seattle-based MegaMedia Corop, and the resulting merger has been flooding the markets in both Asia and america with cheesy to brutal SimFlicks since.

Lone Star Security Services
This austin, Texas-based company is the world's largest police contractor and a sizable PMC. Famous for it's shoot-first-fingerprint-the-corpse attitude and it's problems dealing with metahumans, Lone Star nonetheless held Seattle's policing contract for over 30 years before losing it to Knight Errant. Lone Star and the Knights are bitter enemies.

MET 2000
A public-private owned PMC, the German-based Mobile Eingreiftruppe 2000 is the world's largest mercenary corporation. It encompasses a sizable fleet, several divisions and a small nuclear arsenal, as well as it's own intelligence service. Germany more and more subcontracts all it's military interests to this company. It is in part owned by Ares.

Nitama Security Services
Nitama is Japan's answer to Lone Star. A PMC, weapons producer and police services provider, NMitama outdoes Lone Star in terms of racism and brutality, too.

A south American AA, this Ecuador-based company is n very, very deep with the Ghost Cartels; in effect, it is the company of those Cocaine drug lords who did not join up to form ORO. It was the force behind Tempo, and it still is one of the world's largest logistics corporations.
Some stuff I've been throwing around Seattle:

ThreatMAX: budget solution to armed response compared to Knight Errant, and more ham-fisted than Lone Star.

TokTek: small-scale fusion R&D corp.

ResiCare Security Co: armed security for gated communities.

Lockheed-Bentley: collaborative effort for the production of hyper-luxury ground and air vehicles.
QUOTE (hermit @ Dec 28 2012, 12:47 PM) *
All these corps are rated AA, and all are canonic. Keep in mind all of these are AA rated, megacorps in their own right, and quite large enterprises. There are several hundreds of even smaller corps. Because the world economy is just huge and complex.

Yeah... I wasn't really asking about canonical corporations, or about AA or even A-rated corps. I was curious about small-scale players created by other GMs. Next time, try - I dunno - reading the whole post instead of just the title?
Next time, try manners, kiddo.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (hermit @ Dec 28 2012, 10:47 AM) *

Awesome Compilation Hermit. smile.gif
Awesome stuff Hermit.
As a Scandinavian I find it funny that Saab is in there although, I mean Saab aerospace is doing fine thanks to the defence contracts and the ludicrous prices of fighter jets. But Saab automobiles have been struggling to avoid bankruptcy for several years now, to the point that the government had to move in to save them.
If any scandinavian company would rise to megacorp status I would put my money on Ikea biggrin.gif
Alas, Ikea was bought out by Saeder-Krupp and merged with Stora-Enso, to form S-Kea (seriously, that's canon). And I agree, seeing Saab there - and Saab cars in canon - feels weird. But those are relics from a time where Saab meant something other than a once-proud brand being ground to dust by managers who don't know a thing about it's markets.

And thanks, guys. smile.gif
That's impressive, considering Ikea is a privately owned foundation and not on the open market eek.gif
I guess a personal visit by Lofwyr can change a private owner's mind to accept a generous deal.
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