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Full Version: Runners Needed For Location And Extraction
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All right, chummers, listen close, cause this posting goes dead in less than 24 hours. You got that long to find and capture a guy and deliver him to us. We'll take him in whatever shape, but we want him alive--he has information on a worldwide package delivery system that we feel could give our own operations a competitive edge. Fair warning, though: We're pretty sure he's packing some pretty serious magical mojo.

The pay is nuyen.gif 10,000 each, 25% up front. Target data:

Name: Unknown, alias "Nicholas"
Metatype: Human
Age: Unknown, appears older
Height: Average
Weight: Likely obese
Last Known Location: Suspected Arctic base of operations


<<Merry Christmas, Dumpshock. grinbig.gif >>
Christmas village isn't that hard to find, it's built around the marker for the northern pole circle close to Rovaniemi in Soumi.
Cadre of elvish bodyguards...
QUOTE (tsuyoshikentsu @ Dec 25 2012, 06:30 AM) *

<<Merry Christmas, Dumpshock. grinbig.gif >>

As the song says: Take the money and run.
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