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Full Version: The Force
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The Force
In the late years of 2012, just after the awakening, Disney acquired the rights for the Star Wars franchise from Lucas Arts. Rumors have it that the main spearhead behind this acquisition was an awakened mystic adept who, along with many others of the time, was in love with Star Wars. When his magical powers became manifest, his obsession with Star Wars colored the philosophy behind his newly acquired powers, and he began to comport himself as he believed a Jedi would.

As “The Force” was already an active religion before 2012, his displays of power coupled with access to the franchise’s rights provided the alchemy necessary to really move the religion forward after the awakening. He and many other awakened began to learn the ways of the Jedi (or Sith, but these people practiced in secret), and for whatever reason, the Force was born.


The Force is a possession free spirit with an unknown rating of Force, each magician, mystic adept or adept who channels the force does so at his or her own magic rating. The force has access to spirit powers from Guidance, Guardian, Man, Beast and Plant spirit lists, and can be channeled simultaneously by anyone who meets the following prerequisites.

To channel the force a Force User must have “Force Sensitivity”, mechanically this is represented via a spirit pact (commonly a Health Pact, no Force User is allowed to have a formulae pact with the Force), a contact (Connection 0, Loyalty 6, Vast Magical Resources 6), and the channeling metamagic.

Lightsabers are simply the free spirit’s Natural Weapon, though in this case (as an exception to the normal rules) it manifests as a blade of plasma. To use a lightsaber a force user must have a special hilt made (treat as weapon focus). Lightsabers use the blades skill.

The Force has three paths, generally speaking. That of the Light Side, the Dark Side, and the Middle Path. Force Users disagree vehemently on which path is the correct one, and are known to become involved in violent altercations. Certain spirit powers are considered Light, or Dark. The Middle Path has access to all Light Side and Dark Side powers, but is a more difficult moral road to walk. GMs should feel free to adjust a player’s path based on his character’s actions.

Finally, Force Users who are channeling the Force do not replace their special attributes (Edge and Magic) with those of the Force.

Common powers the spirit gives to Force Users are Psychokinesis (for Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke), Compulsion/Influence (These are not the droids you are looking for), Natural Weapon (Lightsaber), Elemental Attack (Force Lightning), and Divination (I sense a disturbance in the force).
Interesting take, but I think the methods already in the game are a better analogue.
the only aspect your approach might simulate better than using a custom magic tradition is the Lightsaber.
After all, nobody likes introducing new rule sets...
I've only ever seen one person that walks a "middle path" and that's Jolee. Not really wanting to get into the philosophy of the force, but it's a lot more about personal aknowledgement and seeking balance with the universe then lightsabers. Something the tradition system covers quite well.

Funnily enough the Temple of the Jedi order is quite detached from their Hollywood roots. Fascinating bunch, really.
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