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Full Version: So who did I piss off?
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To those of you out there that GM the game, your players will and always do piss someone or something off. How do you guys keep track of it? And do you use like some kind of scaling chart or something on just how much they are mad at your runners? I am curious because I've never kept anything other then a name of a corp, and how much they got slagged because of my runners.
After running games for a while, with different PC groups and different players, I began keeping a "Master List" of NPCs. Usually little more than a name, archtype, contact listing, and sometimes a general blurb if they weren't self explanatory enough. For one thing, makes it a hell of a lot easier when people are making new characters and thinking about what kind of contacts to take. Also gives a better sense of continuity, as familiar faces pop up in the shadows from time to time.

There's a lot of group association with those contacts, such as corps, organized crime, etc. So when PCs piss off someone on the list I'll add it in as a note, or add the new enemy to the list if I need to. It's made for a lot of fun before, as some PCs will end up with one NPC as a contact, and another PC somewhere along the way has the same one as an enemy.
I really enjoyed using 3x5 cards; I had my players complete a 3x5 card for each of their bought contacts, and I created one for each of the major NPCs in the game. Then, when something happened, I could make a note on the card and keep track of everything that happened to that actor, good and bad.

And it was also a pretty nifty way of tracking the history of the campaign for games which ran longer than a month or two (due to a TPK or what-have-you).
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