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Full Version: Where there's a Will...
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Mostly this is out of curiosity folks, although in-game I always hoped to have a character who would at least lay claim to solving one of Dunkelzahn's many requests.

Cannonically speaking, what parts of Dunkelzahn's will are as of the latest books officially fufilled?
DuckEggBlue Omega
Art Dankwalther collected his $34,586,224,739.58.
In the annotated will section of the link in my sig, AH covers some of the things that have been resolved and explain what each entry means, enjoy a long read smile.gif
keep in mind that not everything in his will was made public. So you could make a character that's a beneficiary of something not made public.
Ok. Thanks for the update link.

That's really giving my characters hope for one of the challenges.
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