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Full Version: Cybertechnology question
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Ok, here's the thing: I'm working on a way to implant and maintain my own cyberware (I don't trust street docs, too cranial bomb-happy for my taste). So I'm thinking along the lines of a staff of drones running medicine, first aid and Cybertechnology autosofts (along with a medical shop, the right tools ect., and some wireless inhibiting paint. I'm not crazy!). However, my search through SR4A has turned up no rules related to this so I'm a bit lost. Could someone point me in the right direction?
All the rules for implantation are on pp. 126-127 in Augmentation, but for the matter of maintaining implants, it just refers back to p. 138 of the core book, specifically the build / repair table, with the GM deciding, what's appropriate.
Remember that Medical shops/facilities (Augmentation p. 124-129) are built for rigging, and give +8/+10 to biotech tests. Also, biotech skills counts as vehicle skill when rigging a medical shop/facility.
Thanks guys. That helps a bunch.
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