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Full Version: The theory of pink Mohawk.
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Okay everyone, we're going to play a little game.
The rules are simple:
(1) Post a Pink Mohawk character concept.

EG: Orc heavy weapons expert with an assault cannon that shoots babies as ammunition.

(2) Add one or more customizing details.

EG: He goes through Redmond every week collecting ammo.
EG: He cuts his arm once for every shot he fires.
EG: His ultimate goal is to improve the lives of children in orphanages by making them less crowded in the future.

(3) Rate the concept above you out of 10, with 1 being 'meh, everyday' and 10 being 'wow, I've never seen such a vivid shade of pink in all my life!'

EG: 7/10
I've never actually bothered to stat up Frothy the Murder-Gnome, but I suppose I can get on that after breakfast...

*chin rub*

QUOTE (Umidori @ Jan 23 2013, 08:32 AM) *
I've never actually bothered to stat up Frothy the Murder-Gnome, but I suppose I can get on that after breakfast...

*chin rub*


Does he sing his own personal theme song to the tune of Frosty the Snowman?
Actually, I always imagined he wouldn't have any language skills whatsoever, so no, I doubt it.

He does, however, fit inside a specially designed backpack or briefcase, for discrete transportation and rapid deployment.

Not polished or optimized or even really reasonably playable, but here's Frothy's basic framework.

[ Spoiler ]

Combat Mode

Frothy the Murder-Gnome is intended to be a man-portable ball of rage and bloodlust. Simply release him from his carrying case and activate his implants via wireless command, preferably from behind cover. The combination of his Adrenaline Pump and an injection of both Kamikaze and Woad will ensure he lunges for the nearest potential threat with all the fervor and fury of a demented wolverine.

Frothy enjoys a pool of 16 dice to sink his fists into someone's supple, tender flesh. (5 Agility + 2 Adrenaline Pump + 1 Kamikaze + 6 Unarmed Combat + 2 Specialization + Optional 2 Full Offense). Upon impact, the combination of his Bone Lacing, Martial Arts, Adept Powers, and Absurd Strength result in a punishing blow which deals 15P with -3 AP, which he can immediately follow up with a second, equally devastating attack via his Finishing Move maneuver.

When receiving an enemy's melee attack, Frothy enjoys a pool of 17 dice to Block. (4 Reaction + 2 Adrenaline Pump + 6 Unarmed Combat + 2 Specialization + 3 Combat Sense, all assuming Full Offense has not been used). Ranged attacks fare much better against Frothy, as he has a much smaller pool of only 9 dice to Dodge. (4 Reaction + 2 Adrenaline Pump + 3 Combat Sense). In either case, enemies that successfully land an attack must contend with a pool of 22 dice to resist both Ballistic and Impact damage. (6 Body + 13 Armor + 3 Bone Lacing). While his Adrenaline Pump is active, Frothy is completely unaffected by Stun Damage (which any attack whose Damage Value is less than his armor will inflict), and enemies who successfully land melee attacks against him suffer damage from his armor's built-in Shock Frills. Additionally, depending somewhat on GM intepretation, while Berserk he also gains +2 Damage Resistance.

While not the fastest combatant around with his limited IPs, Frothy is still quite able to fulfill his intended role as a high-threat, high-durability fighter who excels at single-target elimination and drawing enemy fire. While somewhat vulnerable to magic, the combination of his metagenetic Arcane Arrester and his "Combat Mode" attribute bonuses make his reasonably resiliant against most magical threats. Additionally, some GMs may rule that while in his Berserk state, Frothy gains either immunity or resistances to certain magical effects and powers that affect the mind, specifically fear. (How can you be filled with bloodlust to the point of fearlessness, and then suddenly be made fearful?) If the GM rules against this, however, it is a simple matter to include doses of Guts in his Auto-Injector instead.

Rest Mode

Once Frothy has successfully reduced the opposition to pulpy red chunks, recovery is relatively simple. A single wireless command will activate his Auto-Injector, giving him a quick dose of Dopadrine to cancel his Berserk state. At this point it is (relatively) safe to return him to his carrying case, where he will likely fall unconcious when his Adrenaline Pump shuts off (assuming he hasn't already done so). His biomonitor will alert you to any medical attention he may require thereafter. If relatively undamaged from his ordeal, Frothy can be ready for a new bout of combat in as little as one hour.

My actual play character was a punk rocker. His favored weapon was the monofilament chainsaw (my hand's down favorite part of SR4). He tended to ride on top of the party van, so he could play (i.e. scream) anti-corp to his 'fans' while back and forth to jobs. Passed himself off as a mage briefly using his legerdemain skill. Two or three crippling addictions.

QUOTE (Umidori @ Jan 23 2013, 10:21 AM) *
[...] Frothy the Murder-Gnome [...]

.... sounds like a job for a Large (and well-armored) drone with "Special Machinery: Murder-Gnome Deployment Kennel", to me ....
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