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Full Version: Stacking Counterspelling
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If you have two mages in a team trying to protect their colleagues one with counterspelling 3 and one with counterspelling 4 assuming both are able to see the person they are protecting do they have
1)Counterspelling 4
2) Counterspelling 7
3) Some other effect
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
We have always played it as a Teamwork Test. You keep the highest, and then allow the other to roll his counterspelling to add to the effective rating of the Primary. The Primary then rolls his counterspelling, or the Traget adds it to his resistance, depending upon circumstance. smile.gif
3. It's handled as a teamwork test... (This is all the main rulebook and is how the rules state to handle it)
Generally the lesser mages assist the greater mage.... he can gain bonus dice from assistance up to his skill rank.

So lets say he has skill 4... with a specialization in combat spells for an extra +2. He can gain up to 4 bonus dice from aiding characters. The risk being that the more people who roll the more people who might glitch as well...

The CS3 character rolls 3 dice... and gets lucky with 2 successes... the primary counterspeller gains +2 more dice out of his 4 max.

The CS4 character now has 4 + 2(teamwork) == 6 (+2 more if he has a relevant specialization).

If targetted by an area spell... the counterspeller rolls once and each protected target adds his successes to their resistance roll.
If targetted by a single target spell... the target just adds the 8 dice to his own resistance roll... then proceeds to roll all the resistance dice.
Thanks I had missed the rules for that
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