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Full Version: Rocket Propelled Grenades?
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I thought I remembered SR3 having some kind of 2060's version of the RPG.

The closest approximation that I can find in SR4 is the M79B1 LAW from Arsenal, or perhaps the Aztech Striker.

Am I mistaken? Has there never been an RPG in SR?
Use a single shot missile/rocket launcher loaded with rockets. There you have an RPG. Really they don't have anything named RPG in the game.. but any single shot reloadable rocket launcher will do.

The single-shot LAW is similar.

The only problem is the scatter rules for rockets and missiles are a complete disaster... the LAW in the book is a lost cause (look at the scatter, then look at the damage per meter miss... it's a pure craps shoot to get a direct hit).

Single shot rocket launcher works if you're after something cheap, but can live with the innacuracy of the scatter mechanics.

But if you need precision in your rockets/missiles you really need to go high tech and be willing to pay. At that point you're looking at buying a smartlink, plus adding an airburst accessory to the smartlink. (one for more dice, the other to reduce scatter). That's about all you can do for dumb rockets.

If you're willing to pay a little extra for your rockets... get seeker heads (+500). Then buy an underbarrel laser/radar target designator. Fire the designator as your first simple action (or have an ally do it so you don't take the penalty for maintaining a spot while firing the missile)... then that gives you a more accurate shot when you fire the rocket as the second simple action.

The most expensive option is to use actual missiles instead of rockets, but turning a rocket into a missile is just a matter of adding a (Sensor Rating x 500) guidance package to it. You can go cheap and get rating 1 missiles... but to do this effectively.. use the weapon mod which turns the launcher into an immobile drone. Upgrade it's sensor to 6 (firing uses the higher of the missiles or the launchers sensor rating; though scatter still subtracts the missiles own sensor rating). Then you can use active targetting rules... add the bonus from active sensor targetting and bean the guy with the rocket dice pool + smartlink + 6sensor + active targeting hits. Then pray you don't roll high on the airbursted scatter.
Honestly, I'm looking for something to arm insurgents with in my upcoming game. Needs to be inexpensive, and I prefer that it not be complete garbage. The RPG-7 is exactly that. Cheap, numerous, and reasonably accurate and effective against lightly armored targets. I may end up making something up for it.

Thanks for the info.
Instead of a RPG... why not a single shot grenade launcher?

There is the damage spectrum continuum to consider...

If you're after retro-tech feel... just say these are grenades... this is a GL and it fires old school muzzle loaded rocket propelled grenades (RPG).

Actual rockets in the setting are still pretty pricey... even having a few single-shot LAWs is going to put a dent in a street gangs armaments 'budget'. Grenades on the other hand... are a fraction of the cost.

GL's don't scatter as badly either.

One of the problems with actual rockets in play is they're pretty high damage... if they scatter right they can mutilate a player pretty easily... the problem is getting them to hit where you want.
I'd use the Grenade Damage with Rocket launcher Ranges, single shot with 2 Complex actions to reload.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
And use Direct Fire... only use scatter if you miss... smile.gif
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