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Full Version: Twisted, Blood, and Toxic Mages.
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So I was in a run and we were tracking down a Twisted magician. The question was whether I (our magician) would be able to tell through assensing if another magician was a twisted magician/adept. I wasn't able to find anything in the books that mentioned if blood or toxic magic leaves a stain on someone's aura or astral signature.
There are no specific rules for it, but as a GM I've mentioned something being off in the aura and then letting Knowledge skills take over to determine what is going on. Things like Essence Drain, Awakened drugs, and Twisted/Toxic magic should leave a stain on the aura--how recent and how often it happens will determine how noticeable the stain is.
SR4a pg 191 The Assensing Table

1 Hit can get you "The subjectís general emotional state or impression (happy, sad, angry)."
3 Hits can get you "A general diagnosis for any maladies (diseases or toxins) the subject suffers."

Street Magic pg 141
Toxic magicians are Awakened characters whose sanity, outlook, and magic have become tainted by environmental blight or human desolation.

As the toxic magicianís approach to magic transforms due to his personal insanity, he develops his own ways to practice magic. Toxic magicians still follow the basic rules of a tradition, but each toxic magician pursues his own personally-warped paradigm and conceptóand thus follows a unique tradition that fits his agenda. This personal toxic tradition determines which five toxic spirits he can summon and which attribute is employed for Drain.

I'd call insanity an Emotional State or Malady.

So BishopMcQ is correct, there is no definiative Toxic Mage/Shamen Test roll. There are however many means to gather the components for your PCs to digest.
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