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Full Version: An Elf a Dragon, and a Troll walk into a bar....
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O'Connor, I really don't have a punch line. I wandered across Dumpshock today at work. I don't even really remember how, but I ended up wandering around all day and figured I should join. I'm an SR Geek who doesn't get to play very often (or really at all anymore) who occasionally dabbles in fanfiction for SR that I never finish.

Since this is my first post, and an opening of sorts - I figured I should follow the lead of every sourcebook I've ever read and add my own fiction to the pile. The below was a teaser for a campaign that never quite got off the ground. Its a little rough and lacking in details for a bunch of things - because the people it was written for already know the characters involved. They didn't need descriptive passes. Just a tease to try to get them playing again.

It worked. Unfortunately time is not always the friend of those of us no longer in our teens, or twenties and instead well into our thirties. Primer: Devin O'Connor (which my forum nick comes from) is an elf. So is Salem, and Ming/Junie. Devin is about 40 years old at this point, a 'retired' runner who'd thought he'd left most of that behind. Plenty of scars to show for it, and more then a slight cynical streak. He's a hair over 6 foot with boring brown hair that he keeps cut short, and brown eyes. Salem just short of her thirties, with raven black hair, grey eyes, and a datajack from her days as a decker before the crash, and her awakening as a technomancer. Junie is in her mid thirties, former Yakuza assasin Basically a Japanese gunbunny. Guk is a troll. A rather *old* troll, but he doesn't have any speaking lines at this point, so I didn't have to get into it.

The rest is self explanitory though it includes a lot of references to an old campaign and may not make complete sense in that reguard. Still. I hope ya'll enjoy. I know I've enjoyed wandering around your little corner of the 'net. Intend to to a bit more.


Déjà vu.

[ Spoiler ]

EDIT: So, since I got some feedback, I figured I'd throw the next piece up. People want to see more, I'll keep putting things together - next bit actually introduces the actual Runners. They're a bit of an eclectic bunch (probably because my players never could come up with a cohesive team.)

Death and Taxes
[ Spoiler ]
Interesting read. I found the numbers a bit high, but overall enjoyable wink.gif
And also: welcome ^^
Welcome to Dumpshock! smile.gif

Wait, our group actually thought up a lot of these.

A dragon walks into a bar. Roll initiative.

A troll walks into a bar. It bends.

An elf walks into a bar. The bartender says, "This is a humans only bar, we don't serve your kind here." The elf says, "Yes you do." The bartender agrees and pours the elf a drink on the house. Freaking pornomancers.

A troll walks into a bar, the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve trolls here. You'll have to leave." The troll leaves quietly. Shouldn't have taken the uncouth quality.

A dragon walks into a bar. The runners skip the meet and walk out. Never deal with dragons.

An elf, a dragon, and a troll walk into a bar. Which ones the Johnson? The Troll. How can you tell? The troll came in behind everyone else, so it's the only one in position to stab everyone in the back.

An elf, a dragon, and a troll walk into a bar. The bar tender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your k-".

An elf, a troll, and a dragon . . . I thought we agreed we were not going to min-max this game!

An elf, a dragon, and a troll walk into a bar. If a bar fight breaks out, who wins?
The mega corps. The megas always win.
1st Thought:
"We have a new CanRay!"
2nd Thought:
"We need a new Timmy!"
...the dwarf walks under with a grin.


Appreciate the welcome, as for the money being too much, this was a lead for my version of the Artifacts series, and if the titular dragon was going to pull Devin and co out of thier current lives to play shadow puppeteers, the money had to be *really* good. The players were never going to see that kinda cash smile.gif

Does make me want to write some more SR though... hm.
Didn't read all of it, yet...
You got an unusual writing style, especially in the way you use past tense and character descriptions, it has a very stream of thought vibe to it... As someone pondering on what he sees.
Tis very odd to see a dragon refer to another dragon by his human given name, though I suppose they would to a mere mortal (Dragons would refer to Big D as Loremaster or Mountainshadow). Not quite sure if he would speak though as dracospeech is telepathic and dragons seem to need spokespeople even in human form (as it won't register through tech)
Uhm, where was I...
Oh yeah, you really like big numbers don't you?
*Pinky to lip* "One... Billion... Nuyen!"

Anyhow, you should keep it up, getting the creative juices flowing is always nice... I would myself, but I tend to engross myself in details... Reading a 3 page description of a situation isn't much fun but sprinkling it doesn't work either, at the same time I know every detail and know words to describe them... Tis frustrating, why I work visually mostly.
I guess I've always written descriptive fiction in the past tense. Present tense tends to get messy in my opinion. At least for me, others do it quite well. And since most of my writing is pretty much stream of thought, I can see where that comes from. I usually have a begining and an end in mind - but how I get there... sometimes its best to let the idea flow then ponder it too long. Then it gets far to complex, and unwieldy - at least mine do. I overthink things too much, usually.

And I agree on the dragon front. I didn't do quite as good of a job as I should - but the point is, it may be a dragon, it may just be a dragon's mouthpiece and a little bit of magic... or there may be no dragon at all.

Devin doesn't actually know. He just strongly suspects. Especially since they're offering a billion Nuyen for the job. The Billion was a plot device to mostly get the old, settled characters out for one last hurrah. Outside of Juni, who's a hunted lady, and generally would need a fair amount of incentive to stick her nose up too high - Devin has no use for a couple million more Nuyen. He's quite comfortable, as is Salem. But a Billion - thats a big enough number to get their attention because its 'real money' in small corp terms. Kind of capital that they could really grow the business with.

And properly laundered, its all tax free!

Anyway, I added a new chunk to the story. Its in the OP. If people keep reading, I'll keep adding to it.

I might even figure out a way to work the post title into this somehow, but I don't promise anything.
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