The Bell, Book and Candle despite the name has nothing to do with magic.

It's a private club for a 'ware fixer called Piewacket. The queen of her personal scene as a transhumanist changeling, she holds court in her club VIP zone on evenings and nights when not out and about on Biz. Poised and vampish, she speaks with a educated New England socialite accent and her tastes are refined and scandalous by turns.

The fringe transhumanist and the more extreme Changelings, Cyber/sculped persons with a Kink flock to this invite only Club with custom sound ware, matrix access VR decked out in chrome and glass decor.

Running alternating themed omni sexual, B and D, S and M and pure dance nights. AS well as Chrome, Bio and nanite ware nights.

Performance arts of the alternative and enhanced variety are par for the course. Like the resident DJ with an 360 cyber eye and custom eye lasers for the dry ice lights display.

All members must submit to a full cyber scan upon entry and their personal wristband info is up dated.

Solid blue for completely un-enhanced, a silver strip for cyber, red for bio, gold for nano, green for changeling. The relative thicknesses of the bands give indications of enhancement. With the rise of VR actual load out could be edited and displayed to other patrons.

This has given rise to a slang all its own with in the subculture.

A Blue= a norm
Clang= chrome
Squish= bioware
Bespoke= custom ware or enhancement and/or stylish
Borg: heavy Chrome enhancement individual
Squishy: heavy bio enhancement individual
Hiver: heavy nanoware enhancement individual