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Full Version: How would I stat this armor?
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Tommy Gunner
Was looking online and I came across this, and thought it would be damn useful on runs on the water. I've been looking through Shadowrun and I haven't found a proper mod for it (other than the flotation mod for mil-grade body armor only), so I was wondering, what sort of stats would a vest designed with a integrated PFD have?

More Examples

So... how do I stat something like this up?
In the Underwater section of the same chapter (four or five pages later in Arsenal), there's an entry for Diving Armor that's listed as 5/4 armour and Rating 4 chemical protection. Honestly, though, I don't see any reason you couldn't just take your average armour vest and add the same modification as the milspec armour has; maybe change it from "immobile" to a penalty to certain movement-related rolls due to the bulk of the vest. If nothing else, I'd highly suggest you not allow people wearing one to dive into the water to avoid gunfire while it's activated, since that would kind of defeat the purpose of a flotation device. nyahnyah.gif
Tommy Gunner
I would wager that a runner could set their vest to be manual only, or triggered through their comlink. I would think a Auto-trigger would be more useful for riggers who fly T-Birds and live with the possbility of having to eject.

I would think as well, if the device was active, you'd have penalties, but you'd gain impact protection as well... it's obvious why.
Tommy Gunner
Oops double post, having connection issues. nyahnyah.gif
What you could also do for the whole "activates if unconscious" thing is say that it includes a combination water sensor/biomonitor that hooks into the wearer's PAN. If they're in the water and unconscious, boom, vest activates. There could also be manual triggers and/or overrides, of course, in case you have to go for an underwater swim. (Though it would be kind of hilarious to throw off underwater pursuit by hacking their life vests and making them surface.)
Tommy Gunner

Now that I have the basics... mind then if I fluff up a writeup?
Go for it. As far as I'm concerned, it's your thing to use, I'm just throwing suggestions around. smile.gif
Tommy Gunner
Minnetonka Designs MK-1 Nereid Nautical Armor Vest
Cost: nuyen.gif 1,600
B/I: 6/4
Availiability: 10
Integrated modifications: Flotation System, YNT Softweave, Chemical Protection 6

This design is a concept that was developed in the first decade of the 21t century, and while not seeing a lot of use outside of mercenary teams, coastguards, and law enforcement; after the sinking of Los Angeles and spikes in pirate activity starting in the 2050s, MD decided to do what they do best. They created a protective civilian model of their popular Poseidon tactical armored vest, and applied much of it's design into the Nereid.

The form accommodating outer shell is waterproofed, and is rated to withstand the harshest of weather, underneath is a layer of the best ballistic fabrics possible over the air bladder stole kept under all of the ballistic fabrics. The vest has break-away zippers along either side that open during the inflation process, allowing the vest to expand safely, preventing the wearer from having their ribs broken.

The vest itself has the options of either oral inflation through a tube on the left breast of the vest, pull toggle, automatic inflation via a hydrostatic trigger, or activation through a wearer's PAN. It comes with a biomonitor that tracks the blood-oxygen level and if the wearer is underwater once the threshold for oxygen content in the blood is passed, the vest triggers.

The design can have any number of design considerations, colors, and accepts most popular modifications.

Note: The vest when inflated has +2 to it's Impact protection, for obvious reasons. It is considered to have YNT Softweave integral to it's design, although when inflated, the effect of the SoftWeave is negated. Also, the vest will not allow the wearer to go underwater while wearing the vest inflated. Reload kits cost nuyen.gif 200 per reload. This armor is incompatible with Gel Packs. If the vest takes twice it's Ballistic rating in damage, the vest has been compromised and will not inflate or will have enough internal damage where it has a catastrophic leak.

>>> This isn't too bad of a design. I wore it keeping an eye on a dive-team's boat, and wouldn't you know, got attacked by a rival team who wanted our quarry. One shotgun shot knocked me overboard, but guess what... I was afloat. They boarded our ship but I had enough presence of mind to toss a couple flash and teargas grenades onto the deck from the water below, then climb up while everyone was disoriented. I promptly put extra holes in their heads, and knocked their sammy overboard. Unlike me... he didn't float at all. I think he's still doing his best anchor impression right now near old Mouse Land.

> Captain Courageous

>>> The Nereid is a brilliant design, and it's many outer shell options allow for deep customizations. It is however, prone to hacking, and the vest's hydrostatic trigger when running is hair trigger by design, as water doesn't easily get into where the sensor is, so if you're in hard waves on Superior, might want to switch it off. Otherwise, this is something I run with every day on the Great Lakes.

> Sen'in Sonjō

>>> Needless to say, I hate it. It insults me. I don't need to wear no damn floaties.

> GrumpyKat

>>> Weren't you the one who needed fishing out of Lake Superior last week? How's that damaged airtank by the way?

> Sen'in Sonjō

>>> You stop wearin' the sailor suit and I'll stop bein' the grumpy one... naw, that would be killin' my gimmick.

> GrumpyKat

>>> Aww, we still love ya, kitty kat.
> Sen'in Sonjō
Tommy Gunner
Okay, I'm reading SR5 right now. Will come up with a SR5 version of the vest when able.
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