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Some movies you watch and then go. Hm that's like shadow run. One of my first was the starwars movies the original 3. Luke is the phy. Adept. Chewie the wared up troll. Hon the slick gunsling pilot. C3po is the face. And R-2 is the hacker. Hmm does this need a disclaimer 0.o


It's contemporary, so no magic and scifi but beside those obvious caveat, it is precisely a movie about a Shadowrun. Never seen a movie closer to it.
White Buffalo
I always thougth of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects as Shadowruns gone wrong.
Well....Usual Suspects I guess it depends on which point of view you take. If it was all a lie, or his intent all along was to use them and get away.
Not films but tv series:

Leverage and Burn Notice ...
QUOTE (Cochise @ Jun 12 2013, 06:18 PM) *
Not films but tv series:

Leverage and Burn Notice ...

Also Continuum is really heavy on the Shadowrun themes.
The search function works miracles too!
Wild Palms had virtual reality, BTL addiction, William Gibson himself, and James Belushi weilding a katana.

Predator 2 had plenty of violence and a street shaman.

F***in voodoo magic mon! Hahahahaha!

I think 'sh** happon!'

*Predator enters - all die*
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