Hoi chums. I'm starting a campaign over on Roll20. Look under the LFG listings for Bored? The way it works is this. I have a variable schedule but find myself a couple times a week with hours to kill (I drive a truck). So I'm looking for people to create SR3 PCs and give me the sheet/contact info. Then when I'm on downtime I can put out a general call or update my LFG listing on roll20. If I get at least two people, we've got a run. Then after the run, I save the changes to the sheet, make notes as to where your PC left off and we move on. Think of it as a perpertual pickup game in a living SR world where you can work with different runners (from literally everywhere) every week at minimum. If you think this is something you'd like to do, PM me here or on Roll20 to get started.