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Full Version: Purchasing 5th edition in the eurozone
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Hey guys, in order to avoid importing taxes, is there anyway to get an english copy of the hardcover upcoming 5th edition from the eurozone?

Oh and, if I wanted to just purchase the pdf, where can I buy it?

Thanks for the answer, google didn't help me much.

I never played 4th (Still playing 3ed) but I might give it a try now with 5th.
I've got no clue on the hardcopy purchase, but the pdf (which should be available in 2-3 weeks, I think? Last I heard?) should be up at Battleshop and Drivethrurpg, just off the top of my head.
Drivethrurpg will release the pdf on 07-11 for 20$.
Mu FLGS ( usually gets both Limited Editions and regular editions, and I know they ship to anywhere in the world. Since they are in the EU they have already taken care of the VAT.

But It's usually cheaper to order from an online shop in the UK, since the UK does not have VAT on books.
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