Alright folks. We've been going at this for awhile now. The mods have been squashing small fires right and left, due to some members flaming, spamming, trolling, and being a general menace. Let's treat this as a forum-wide general announcement. You have been warned, further transgressions from this point forward will be dealt with quickly and firmly.

Ground Rules for the Edition Wars:
1) If a poster asks which version you like, you may give your opinions about why you like Version X. However, you may not disparage Version Y. So for example, you may state to your hearts content why you like Shadowrun 4, the virtues and merits of the system and whatever. You may not bash, flame, put down, or be negative about Shadowrun 5. Simply state "I prefer Shadowrun 4 over Shadowrun 5, because 4 has these features I like." Period. No toeing the line. No backhanded insults. Nada. And the same applies to SR5 fans as well. No bashing the old system.

2) If specifically asked why you do not like or prefer System X, you may respond. However, keep it polite, keep it brief, do not use this as an oppurtunity to flame the folks that do play System X nor the folks who wrote it, playtested it, or may work on it in the future. Do not start a debate about X vs Y. State your case, and walk away.

3) There will be no more fighting, arguing, flaming, or whatever else about the two system. Period. This is your warning. The moderators have all given out warnings and one and two week bans to folks on both sides of this argument (And almost exclusivly because of this argument). We're sick of it. Play nice, or don't play at all.

Yes, if you've read the threads about the SR3/SR4 Edition Wars, you will see the pattern. Don't be a menace.

To clarify, this is not meant to stifle your posting. Reviews of the system can be posted. You can say "I feel that XX part of Shadowrun # is broken because of YY. ZZ is an interesting twist on..." etc. What we are trying to stop is the "OMG the devs must be insane because they don't know what they're doing and everything is gone to hell"

The former is calm, logical, and even though you dislike something, maintains a positive conversation. The latter is useless internet rage that just incites more rage.