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Full Version: Gearcosts for Trolls and Dwarves still increased?
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Also, Dwarves and Trolls have to pay increased costs for their lifestyles and gear due to their size differences.. There’s currently conflicting information on the book as to how much that increase is. A table on one page says as 20% increase for Dwarves and a 100% increase for Trolls, while the text in another paragraph a few pages away says it’s 10% and 50% respectively.

I have confirmed with Shadowrun Line Developer Jason Hardy that these misprints will be addressed in an official errata coming soon. Dwarves DO still get Thermographic Vision as a character trait, and the cost increases for both gear and lifestyles for Dwarves is 10% and for Trolls is 50%.

Wasn´t it confirmed for trolls and dwarves by Bull that only the lifestyle goes up and the gearcosts stay the same? Or am I mistaken? Because ... well, a 50% increase for gear for trolls seems a little bit harsh.

That has been confirmed. Hey, at least it's not 100%. smile.gif
In development, the modifiers were either going to be +10%/+50% for gear or +20%/+100% for lifestyle. It was undecided at one point, so the draft had both in there for a while. When the decision was made (the lifestyle one), one of the references to the gear modifier got missed. Patrick knows for certain, but I'm pretty sure it's already in the errata.
Well, looks like Bubba the love troll got a taste of his own medicine...
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