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Full Version: Riggers and Vehicle Actions
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ok, so obviously while in VR shooting a remote turret woudl be logic+Gunnary.

Now the rest of the vehicle actions don't say what attribute to use. Unless its all reaction+skill which doesn't make a ton of sense to me. It says treat actions as matrix actions so my best guess without it spelling it out is that all test are skill+logic.

Any thoughts?
the "common character types and their roles" red box on page 63 indicates that

"Reaction is a
critical attribute for riggers."

this leads me to believe that actually, you do roll reaction + skill in most other cases.
Yep, as far as I can tell its all still Reaction.
Well I guess i'm glad I got reaction enhancers then nyahnyah.gif This is slightly disappointing though.
if it's slightly disappointing because you were thinking of boosting your logic, it's still not a bad idea to boost your mental stats since you're vulnerable to hacking if you use a remote control deck, and mental attributes come into play quite a bit in hacking (though intuition and willpower are probably the best ones to focus on if you're not going on the offensive, admittedly).
Don't forget intuition for sensor tests.
Firing a drone-mounted weapon is actually listed as Agility + Gunnery on p.238. Looks strange, maybe a candidate for the errata thread.
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