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Full Version: Weapon Detection and Response
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I was wondering what thoughts people may have on this subject...

Unlike current day situations, in the SR world, it seems alot of the high end places have various methods to detect weapons. MAD scanners, chemsniffers, etc. I'd say its likely that if you goto a high end restaurant, club, bank, etc whatever, you're likely to pass through some sorta weapons detector. Heck, even the stuffershack on the corner may have a weapon detector.

What sort of hassles would a licensed carrier, like a FBI agent, or security/bodyguard type specialist, encounter? Would they have to flash ID every time they entered a restaurant, bank, 7-11? Does a FBI agent trump a 'no weapons' rule at a restaurant? What about a bodyguard? etc etc..
depends on the jurisdiction. if the restaurant is on UCAS grounds, he can carry. if it's on corporate grounds, it's up to the corp's policies; a restaurant on Ares grounds might be okay with it, others less so.
QUOTE (mfb)
a restaurant on Ares grounds might be okay with it, others less so.

Only if it's an Ares made weapon. You can take your Browning and go eat down the street, buddy. wink.gif
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