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Full Version: New campaign idea, concept
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Greetings, within a long time since I have been done any sort of shadow running . I am in the process of developing an entirely new campaign with a focus on piracy. We either the teens becoming pirates themselves, or them defending off pirates. This will be a spinoff with the old cyber pirates kind of sort of but not really.

The premise of the whole venture will start out by the Johnson hiring a red team to travel down south to check on some investments of his then all of a sudden everything hits the fan in their private airplane will be going down on some unnamed deserted island.

My question is would there be any islands or cities or ports per se that would be… Unfriendly towards a magic user or just ignorant towards magic. I think this would be a really good thing to throw at any one of the magic users, especially if this place is aware of magic in that the strict rule of no magic used in town, so they get jailed if they use magic or something worse. And of course there would be absolutely no doc wagon, within a reasonable response time for any of this so that just ups the danger factor in risk factors 10 fold
When magic first came out the Church condemned it, but has softened their stance since.

Still if the place they crashed in recently had a Mage serial killer they could have instituted local laws plus the general populace might be very sensitive about being around a mage.

Or maybe it is just a place with a very strong religious aspect who think the Church was too soft on casters and have a real firebrand for a priest who may whip the crowd into a frenzy during sermons demonizing the Awakened. Best step lightly there, sure you could one shot the priest but if you are stuck on the island, are you ready to face an island of angries?

I get the feeling you should look a the Caribbean League area. Maybe the mage in group has a strong Latin American heritage and as such people automatically think he is an Azzie, which will not win any friends as the Azzies are always probing the edges of the region looking for weak spots.
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