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Full Version: Restricted Gear
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Restricted Gear
Cost: Varies

Sometimes you need a piece of gear that's a cut above what the back alleys and shadow malls can offer. The base cost of this quality is 4 plus 2 for every point of avialabilty you go over 12. ex Panther assault cannon would cost 20 Karma (4 + (8 x 2), Wired Reflexes 2 (Alpha) would be 16 Karma (4 + (4 x 2).

Seems a little expensive, especially when you can just wait until the game starts and get the weapon or gear then. But then I've never been a fan of using up karma to get gear when you could better use it to improve skills or attributes. I assume that with this you would still need to pay the money. It just makes the gear available to the character.
You can't have this rule. Awakened characters would abuse it to get high rating focuses for a small cost, as they did in 4E.

Edit: Actually, no. Your cost should offset that by a lot.
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