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OK, so just a simple questions about missions. why are adept ways and geases banned? seems a bit unbalanced for them as I did not read anything really limiting sams. also, just in general why were martial arts banned? Just a curious player asking curious questions lol.
Probably because they are a little more ambiguous and require more GM approval/review?

Geas are supposed to be limiting, but it's up the each GM to determine what that means in their game.

So, it's probably easier to just leave them out of Missions play.

No idea on the Ways, but probably similar reasons.
The Masked Ferret
I believe all of these were 'Optional rules' in 4th edition. For missions, they decided that they would try to simplify the rules at the table and not use them.

Specifically, about the Martial Arts rules, they did not want the GMs to have to learn an entire new rule system, which the Martial Arts rules were.
I can see the geases being banned for that reason. martial arts wasn't that hard to learn really though, and ways are bought with BP, meh. magic hate thats all nyahnyah.gif. anyway thanks for the respones, if anyone else wants to throw there 2 cents go ahead haha.
It's also because some of the ways and some of the martial arts stuff isn't particularly well balanced, since some of them are more balanced by ROleplay or flavor stuff.

Generally speaking, if anything has a sub-system that relies on Roleplay or a GM as part of the "balancing factor", it's disallowed. Most public games (Conventions or Open Play events) don't really have the time for a GM to micromanage the RP stuff, and, well, it's easy enough for a player to "ignore" any roleplay side effects of this sort of thing.
thats cool I see the thoughts, understandable, still seems unfair considering the power a street sam can get in SRMs. Still play meh adepts though. hahaha
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