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Full Version: Oldskool Matrix Maps for SR1, SR2 & SR2050 for your perusal
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Hoi Chummers,

I am going to start my oldskool campaign this Saturday. We will start with the ancient adventure "Silver Angel" (SR1). I am going to be using pictures, actual music for Maria Mercurial, different sound tracks for the different areas, etc. The Decker and I have worked the kinks out of the Matrix system from SR2050 using years of gaming experience and the old SR2 book.

I would like to share my matrix maps to celebrate the release of Shadowrun Returns tomorrow. Listed below you will find the random maps I made for him to go through. Feel free to use them for your own 2050 campaigns.

Remember: Happiness is a warm gun !

Thanks for that!
This is great. Thanks biggrin.gif
Good old fun times. Thanks for these. biggrin.gif
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