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Full Version: Shadow Math- Physical feats of Awesome
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Some time ago I saw an image named "What would a street samurai do?" It extensively showed several physical feats next to a normal human. I can only find a short version of this image here. If anyone knows where the big one is please let me know.

Now lets look at SR5's physical feats. I will be compairing this to an average Marine stat line of 4 across the board, with a 5 in Will (because a real marine is all about heart.) Relevent skills for everyone will be 4 across the board.

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

I'm tired. I hope this helps you game masters in trying to see what is reasonable for super humans in SR5. I only used "Sams" but the same numbers apply to adepts.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
All I have to say is.....

Semper Fidelis, Slide. smile.gif
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