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Full Version: Adepts and Licensing
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Do adepts (physads) require licenses (or fake ones)? Looking at the SR5 archetypes, the caster types have fake ones, (to practice magic) but the adepts (brawl and gunslinger) just have fake SINs.

Would their fake SIN include 'registered awakened'?


Btw, kudos to the design decision to make the use of fake SIN/etc no longer an opposed test where the one that rolls better wins. I much prefer this version where the rating of the fake is the threshold. At rating 5 and 6, it becomes unlikely a rating 4 or less scanner will detect you, even at x2 rating for dice. And its simply practically bullet proof for generic everyday checks at like rating 1 or 2 smile.gif
Licenses aren't "required" but are useful. As usual it would vary by jurisdiction and game level of enforcement. Ask your GM if you need it.

I personally always take the approach if a PC buys the license they benefit from it.
Chances are they'd have to have a license saying that they're awakened. But then, this depends on the country (or wherever) you are. Might be simple (Awakened: Y/N?), or it might require explicit detail on what you can do.

Story from one game (SR3 era) was a crew needed fake IDs & such to get out of Seattle for a while. Their fixer for those fake IDs was still hardened to the belief that magic was not real (despite it being the 2050's), and those that were awakened forgot to explicitly say to include "Magical" in their IDs.

Well, they managed to B.S. their way through when the border checkpoint out of Seattle included a magician that assensed the team and found half of them were awakened but none of their IDs said they were. (GM gave them a random chance to avoid the magician, and they failed.)
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