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Full Version: SR5 Noise vs Combining Gear Question
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Does it say or imply anywhere in the rules that directly linked devices can use each others device ratings for the purposes of dealing with noise? Example: A Street Sam finds himself in the area of effect of a Jammer with 4 noise. He'd really like to keep his Smartgun +2 Dice Pool bonus (among other wireless bonuses) but the local noise is above their device rating of 2 or 3. (see Page 421) Now he has an implanted Commlink with device rating 5, and a Datajack that includes Noise Reduction 1, and the datajack cable running from the jack into his gun. Now I'd like to think that he'd keep his matrix connection for his Smartgun bonus via his commlink's device rating, but I don't see that anywhere in the rules. I think it's a reasonable way for a Street Sam, or anyone else, to protect themselves against jamming or high noise situations... but is that what the rules say?
if there is a direct connection to a device that has a connection to the matrix, how could there not be a possible connection to the matrix?
Because the device is running through its universal data connector, which is inherently inferior to its wireless adapter. nyahnyah.gif
I would say you should still have the bonus since your commlink is effectively being the antenna for the wireless bonus in this case, so if the jammer can't totally block the commlink you have your required connection.

Just one more case for skinlink to be rediscovered. wink.gif

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