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Full Version: Newbie Unclear on alot of things
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So let’s start with weapons.

Forearm snap-blades (FSB)
-Since they are under the blades section on page 423 I would assume they also go under the blades skill. But if you read page 422 it says "These are essentially like spurs, only they’re external—painless to install or re-move." And then if you read the skill blades on page 130 it says "The Blades skill includes the use of all handheld slashing and stabbing weapons." So if I'm reading it right it is saying that FSB's are in fact not hand held and therefor don’t fall under the blades skill.

Parashield Dart Pistol, Rifle. (PDP)(PDR)
-Ok less words here, Do the Pistols fall under the pistol skill and the Rifles fall under the Longarms skill? They are not mentioned in any of the skills.

-If you equip your armor with restricted gear what licenses do you need for it? Do you just need the Owners license or do you also need a carry license?

-How do you hide stuff if there is no info for bags? I cannot find any information online or in 5th edition.

I've go alot of other questions but these are the ones that stick out.
Snap Blades are in fact wielded using the Blades skill, as are implanted Spurs. Basically, if a weapon is located anywhere from the forearm down and has a sharp edge, it's almost always the Blades skill. If it's located at the elbow or higher, it's one of the Exotic Melee Weapon skills instead.

Both the Parashield Dart Pistol and Rifle are Special Weapons, which use a variant of the Exotic Ranged Weapon skill specific to their particular weapon type. Any reasonable GM will let you use both of them with the same Exotic Ranged Weapon (Dartgun) skill, much like the Exotic Ranged Weapon (Lasers) skill allows you to use any of the Laser weapons from the Arsenal book in SR4.

Licenses have always been kind of unclear. You'll probably have to hash it out with your GM, but it should be something reasonable. As a GM myself, I'd personally say most non-military armor can collectively fall under something like a "Civilian Protective Systems License", which covers both the ownership and legal usage of that class of items. If you wanted to use milspec armor instead, I'd probably make that a separate license, but not every GM will agree with that idea. The one thing I can say for sure is that you shouldn't have to have a License for every single specific item you want to carry or use, as that just becomes needlessly complicated and nitpicky in terms of bookkeeping.

Bags have never had a real listing because they're such a basic item. I'd handle them the same way as basic clothing. For my own example, one of my character's uses a katana. He carries it openly most of the time, but if he needs to conceal it in some way I'm sure my GM will allow me to either buy or even already have a carrying container like a duffel bag or a back tube or some other way of carrying the thing around without it being plainly visible. Just talk to your GM and come up with something reasonable.

Umi, are you reading 5th?

Attacks with cyber melee weapons use Unarmed Combat skill and the Physical limit.
Ah, I missed that. So many little details slip through the cracks, and I'm so used to 4E where Spurs and whatnot counted as Blades attacks.

That said, I think I prefer it as Unarmed Combat. It makes more sense that way. Still, the rest of my info was correct, yes? nyahnyah.gif

Yar, I hear that on the details. twirl.gif I think the rest of it is right. I'd look at Sprawl Sites for more detailed licensing, if that's anyone's thing.
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