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Full Version: Idea for bricking Cyberware
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Bricking cyberware seems to be a big complain about 5E and I agree that cybered characters are hit very hard when their limbs stop functioning.
So I have thought up of a houserule and I hope for some input on it.

Goals of this rule:
- Keep "bricking" a still viable tactic in combat
- Make repairing bricking damage much quicker so characters can recover from it on the run
- Have some pseudoscientifice background to keep the suspension of disbelieve.

1. Only devices that contain a sim module can be bricked. All other devices can only be bugged.
This is to keep bricking a real threat for Deckers and Riggers while making it more easy for Sams & Co to recover from it as I am not sure how the balance would shift if those rules would apply to Deckers, too.

When bugged the device functions at the bare minimum, cyberarms can still be moved but lose all strength bonus (defaulting to 3) and access to all build in devices. Cybereyes just let you see the raw camera feed without enhancements and smartlinks simply don't work except the guns can still be fired. The exact details are left to the GM (as I don't want to type a long list for every device)

Story background:
Because of the fast processing of wireless signals required, sim modules process those signals with specialized hardware which is vulnerable to hacker attacks.
Other devices use standard components and software to process wireless signals. Their hardware is not in danger of damage, but the software can be bugged. A bugged software switches to into an emergency mode hardcoded into the hardware. (And no, I do not allow Decks without a sim module)

2. First Aid for non-sim module devices
Devices without a sim module can be healed once of matrix damage just like with the First Aid skill. The check is the same as with First Aid but uses Software. This represents some quick debugging done on the device.
Reason for this is that a cybered character isn't doomed to suck for the rest of the run when one of his limbs is bugged. Although it might be a bit too much as Riggers/Deckers still face this danger and the bugged state means the Sam still functions at a reduced power level.

3. Repairing Bugged Devices.
Bugged Devices can be repaired like Decks, except that you can use either Software (deep debugging) or Hardware (replacing corrupted memory blocks) to repair them. You might also simply erase all programs on it and install the software again (see the Format Device) but that requires access to the software which is not usually available on the market for devices like Cyberware.
The reason for this change is to make it possible to repair Cyberware without requiring a Street Doc who cuts you up to get to the Cyberware.

Any thoughts on this?
Eh honestly the fix to warebricking is really multifaceted. Some combination of all of these approaches might work without having to redesign the system radically.

1. Make the "Wireless Bonus" actually worth taking the risk of having your gear hacked.

2. Add a better way for friendly deckers to run overwatch on teammates gear. Frankly the omission of this is the mind bogglingly bad item in the otherwise praise worthy matrix rules. Oh hey, you wern't running silent? You now have one turn to notice your gear is being hacked, drop what your doing and get the wireless off on it or risk it being permanently disabled. And that's assuming the enemy hacker isn't good enough or prepared enough to get your gear in one go.

3. Allow people to throw willpower in with the damage resistance test for ware automagically. Give them a bonus for actually taking ware.
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