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Full Version: How good are the base Metatypes?
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For SR5 how good are the base Metatypes?
Well we can't really compare them to the suppliment races yet because well.... there are no suppliments out yet wobble.gif

Compared to each other they seem the same as they always have been. The nature of some of the rule changes mean that Trolls perhaps are closer to the rest than they previously have been.
It may just be me but every build I would have used a troll for in SR4 I will just use an orc.
Hey now, no racism here. nyahnyah.gif We're all Metahumans of the world after all.
To be fair kosher ghouls don't eat dwarves.
Personally, to go down the line:

Orks are still very very good, but I feel that the 'Go Ork or Go Home' sentiment of SR4 isn't around as much. Their whole Priority is A through C, and for C they get no Special Attribute points, so I feel that sort of helps even them out a bit. They're the same as they always have been, but I think by pushing them a little higher on the priority chart they helped smooth them out a little more. They were definitely undercost in the past.

Dwarves actually are even better now than ever. They do have the running multiplier, the 1 less Reaction and the +20% Lifestyle cost, but really, I'd argue that Dwarves make good anything. They also have the Ork A through C priority going, but with less stat hits, plus they have an extra +1 to Body these days(Both Body and Strength start at 3 for them), and they keep their Willpower. As mages, needless to say they are kings(you can afford lower stat priorities and still have passable physical stats.) They also get 1 Special Attribute point for their lower priority. Still, though, they don't seem overpowered. I'm not sure how the little guys do it-they probably have more technical benefits than any other race-but they never became 'too good' like Orks or Trolls did. (Mind you, the difference between Ork and Dwarf bonuses are...practically nothing. They start with the same Strength, Dwarves get 1 less Body for 1 more Willpower.) Also, they did NOT lose Thermographic Vision, that was a misprint in the book.

Elves now feel MUCH better. They always suffered from costing too damn much for their benefits, but now, you can take them A through D on the Priority chart, allowing them a large freedom of builds. They don't feel overpowered to me at all, though I do think that some builds that come down to 'Human or Elf' end up a little better as Elf(say a mundane samurai), though the Human will have an Edge advantage with that, so it's more where you want to pick your advantage. (Human mundanes get 3 Special Attribute points to spend at Priority D, where Elves at D don't get any, but Elves get other stat bonuses, etc.) I think they're about perfect finally, as opposed to the overcost they went through in SR4.

Trolls definitely don't feel as bad anymore. Now granted, Strength means more these days in melee, but at the same time, your other stats still mean a lot(Agility is still the combat king stat anyway), and with augmentation bonuses capped at +4, their big stats don't take as much insane bonuses anymore, preventing them from getting as large as they used to be. Also, their priority cost I think had a lot to do with how I feel they've smoothed out. You need to take A or B, and B offers *no* Special Attribute points at all, and the 100% Lifestyle cost is hefty(mind you, they-and Dwarves-don't pay on TOP Of their lifestyle costs, or aren't supposed to-it's supposed to be all wrapped into their Lifestyle costs). So Trolls are now 'Do you like trolls? Then play one, and don't worry, you'll be fine, but they cost enough that they're pretty well balanced in now.
QUOTE (Shortstraw @ Aug 6 2013, 01:11 AM) *
To be fair kosher ghouls don't eat dwarves.
Unless said Dwarves are Jewish as well, so ka?
You can quite easily have a Human with maxed Edge and Magic, IMO making them an extremely attractive choice.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Aug 6 2013, 06:52 AM) *
Unless said Dwarves are Jewish as well, so ka?

Actually I believe it is more due to the high amounts of non kosher alcohols present in them. nyahnyah.gif
An interesting thought: "Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is cloven-footed, and cheweth the cud among the beasts, that shall ye eat" (Lev. 11:3). Does this mean changelings with Ogre stomach and satyr legs may be kosher?
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